Party anniversary celebrated in Rizal, Metro Manila and Central Panay

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Party units in Rizal, Metro Manila and Central Panay recently reported their activities celebrating the 55th anniversary of the Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP).

In Central Panay, the New People’s Army (NPA) and revolutionary masses held a week-long series of activities on the last week of December 2023. The unit had a simple get-together, to conduct studies, collective discussions on the Central Committee’s anniversary statement, and cultural presentations and tributes to martyrs. These inspired the participants to raise their spirit to face the upcoming challenges of 2024 with full courage.

In a city in Metro Manila, Party leaders offered revolutionary songs and tributes during a clandestine celebration. They honored Jude Fernandez, valiant labor leader. They self-critically discussed the Party’s message, and highlighted the identified weaknesses, especially the prevalence of empiricism and bureaucratism. As part of the pledge to rectify and take on revolutionary responsibilites, the secretaries and various branches in the city renewed their Party oath.

In Rizal, representatives of the National Democratic Front-Rizal gathered on January 12. Representatives of revolutionary organizations delivered messages of solidarity and cultural performances in celebration of the Party’s anniversary. Each expressed acceptance of the challenge to continue rectifying and re-strengthing to continue the revolution.

Party members collectively renewed their vow to reaffirm their revolutionary duties and principles for the advancement of the people’s democratic revolution. This is a pledge to hold fast to Party principles even if this means sacrificing one’s life in order to reinvigorate and bring the national-democratic struggle to a higher level.

Party anniversary celebrated in Rizal, Metro Manila and Central Panay