Residents foil illegal fencing of disputed land in Quezon City

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The residents of King Christian Street in Barangay Bagbag, Novaliches, Quezon City drove away the personnel of Roberto Collantes who came to the community on July 1 to seize the residents’ land. They were able to foil the attempted fencing after proving that Collantes’ documents and permit were fake.

The permit stated that the fencing was allowed for King Henry Street instead of King Christian Street. The copy of the Barangay Construction Clearance shown by Collantes’ camp was also invalid as it lacked the official barangay seal.

After the fencing was prevented, the residents, led by women community members, worked together to cover the holes the Collantes’ personnel created for fencing.

They also condemned the removal of the fruitstands and the demolition of the residents’ stalls in front of King Christian Street. At the same time, they reiterated their demand to stop the demolition in their community.

Even though the target houses to be demolished are small, the demolition used a backhoe. The residents believe that is to intimidate and scare them.

More than 50 individuals are affected by Collantes’ land grabbing and demolition, which started in the second week of June. The residents have been living in the area for almost two decades. In 2019, Collantes introduced himself to the residents and said he had bought the land where their houses were erected.

AB: Residents foil illegal fencing of disputed land in Quezon City