3ID behind bloody peace and development

National Democratic Front – Negros spokesperson Ka Bayani Obrero scoffed at MGen. Eric Vinoya’s monotonous accusation that the revolutionary movement hampers peace and development, calling it pure lie and deceit.

According to Obrero, the National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) coerces government agencies to follow the intent and orders of the AFP and dictates the courts to falsify the truth in favor of their ruthless acts of planting evidences and filing trumped-up charges.

“Many in local government who want to implement pro-people programs and services are being threatened and intimidated by the AFP/PNP by virtue of Executive Order 70 to force them to cooperate with campaign against the revolutionary movement. Some officials say that if they will not collaborate they will be killed,” he said.

Obrero asked if widespread terror, killings of innocent civilians, redtagging of progressive groups and journalists, and the plunder of government funds through fake surrenderees while neglecting the hunger and poverty of the Negrosanons is what the 3rd Infantry Division (3ID) commander calls as peace and development.

“What peace and development have Vinoya given the people when the AFP/PNP destroys the cooperatives of farmers and farm workers compelling them to bow down to military control,” he said.

He said that Vinoya and his master Duterte are the real butchers of the masses and that their bloody hands infuriate the Negrosanons.
Earlier, the 3ID announced the deployment of more than 100 soldiers from the 14th Civil Military Operations Battalion and 33rd Division Reconnaissance Company of the Philippine Army to Negros Island.

“Militarization will worsen the state of the human rights situation in the island. But this move is doomed to fail and is proof that the revolutionary forces is growing and strengthening,” said Obrero.

According to him, the New People’s Army is fighting a just war and it becomes even more just as it confronts a brutal and tyrannical regime. The broad masses of the people understand and live by the justness of this war for there is no other solution to end the violence and oppression by the state.

NDF-Negros implored all revolutionary forces and all Negrenses to resolutely unite and fight the bogus and fake peace and development program of the Duterte regime together with its mercenary AFP and also called for a collective and militant stand against all forms of terror unleashed by the Duterte regime and overcome the de facto martial law.

“In this climate of terror, we gather our courage to fiercely oppose schemes of the Duterte regime to establish a fascist dictatorship. The critical conditions perpetuated by the state’s terror and fascism compels more and more people tread the path of resistance. Let us link arms in order to build a broad anti-fascist alliance against the tyranny of the Duterte regime. Our decisive, collective and militant action will remind Duterte that no tyrant of this country has ever succeeded in the face of the people united against him,” he said. ###

3ID behind bloody peace and development