9th IDPA and PNP Region V’s abuse of the press, attack against democracy

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Indeed, 9th IDPA and PNP Region V’s savagery stands to be one of the most dangerous threats against the Bikolanos. In their desperate bid to silence the people’s struggles against the rotten system, they relentlessly target the civilian population – children or elderly, downtrodden or even professionals. True to their reputation of being cowardly mercenaries, they violate fundamental human rights in their attempt to hold the masses in fear and compliance. One of their most recent crimes is the intimidation and harassment of Mr. Rey Hababag, a mediaman from Sorsogon. Hababag is an veteran broadcaster esteemed for his fair and bold programs.

The military and police’s brazen attacks on members of the press such as Hababag proves that these mercenaries recognize no law nor right. They abuse even the slightest of democracies that the nation enjoys under the US-Marcos regime. For them, anyone who dares speak up against exploitation and oppression of the few are automatic enemies of the state. Anyone who is brave enough to tell the truth must be silenced, attacked, and worst of all, killed.

The military and police cannot hide their bloodthirstiness despite their pretentious programs supposedly encouraging the civilian population’s coordination. In the name of their militaristic goals, they target even the members of the press who are part of the vital foundations of a democratic society.

NDF-Bikol calls on all mediamen, rights advocated and to the rest of the Bikolano people to unite and continue exposing and opposing the fascist AFP-PNP-CAFGU’s abuses. An attack against one is an attack against everyone. No one is safe from fascism and violence as long as this rotten society that serves only a few thrives. The only way to uphold every one’s rights, liberties, lives and future is through the path of unremitting struggle.

NDF-Bikol also extends its deference towars the members of the press who continue putting their lives on the line in the name of serving the people’s interests. NDF-Bikol’s support to them as well as all the other exploited and oppressed in the region and the whole country who are steadfast in their struggles remains resolute. Always, the revolutionary movement is one and part of their struggle for societal justice, genuine democracy and liberty.

9th IDPA and PNP Region V’s abuse of the press, attack against democracy