A rotten system begets corrupt officials such as Bantag

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If there is any lingering doubt about the rottenness of this government, it most certainly had already been dispelled by the endless corruption scandals exposed during the Percy Lapid slay case investigations. Institutionalized crimes, thriving underground businesses behind bars, mysterious tunnels and several unexplained deaths of inmates – these types of scandals are not strangers to the Bureau of Corrections. In fact, all these scandals that have recently floated are just the tip of the iceberg – of the abysmally horrid corruption ensconced not only within BuCor but the whole government.

Opposing factions of DOJ Sec. Remulla and ex-BuCor Dir. Gen. Bantag pointing its fingers against each other is not a novelty. It is an old tactic of the reactionary government to sacrifice some of its own officials to spare itself. Without a second thought, it will ruthlessly use its men as scapegoats to prevent the exposure of an even larger trove of scandals and crimes. By these means, it diverts the public attention towards a little spot in the systematic rottenness to make it seem that only few replaceable elements debase the whole state. What everyone needs to be clear about is: it is not simply that individual pawns such as Bantag are the roots of corruption, rather, the rotten system itself begets abominable criminals such as him.

Indeed, the nation cannot expect justice from a state that breeds criminals and corrupts. From the highest position of the land to agency officials, everyone has their own chunks of corruption and spoils hailed from turning their duties into businesses. That is why, even with the removal of Bantag from power, there will always be another official just like him or worse, that will attempt to wreak havoc. Just like what happened after Faeldon was removed as Chief of BuCor. Even after his extermination, corruption within the said institution remains unabated.

Genuine justice for Percy Lapid and the tens of thousands of other victims of state violence can only be truly and fully achieved through the annihilation of this current system and the erection of a new one. Only in a society not strangled by bureaucrat capitalism, feudalism and imperialism will corruption and all other horrifying faces of state exploitation completely end.

A rotten system begets corrupt officials such as Bantag