Advance with great valor the struggle for national liberation, continue to respect and promote the international humanitarian law

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NDF-Bikol wholeheartedly joins in the commemoration of the International Day of International Humanitarian Law on August 12. As a belligerent entity to the GRP, with its own territory, political power and constitution and law as well as its own army, the NDFP represented the CPP as a signatory of the said law as an adherent of Protocols I and II of the Geneva Conventions.

In the course of advancing this principled revolution, the revolutionary movement has shown its respect of the law that recognizes the rights of civilians, prisoners of war and other peoples in times of war.

However, even before this, the CPP-NPA-NDFP have dutifully respected the rights of both civilians and combatants in a country amidst civil-war. The whole international recognizes the legacy and prestige of the CPP-NPA-NDFP as a national liberation movement.

There had been numerous occasions in Bikol where the CPP-NPA-NDFP have displayed its respect for the said convention. The revolutionary movement has repeatedly been recognized and appreciated by prisoners of war from the ranks of the AFP and PNP whom they have treated and cared for.

This is in complete contrast with the terrorism of the reactionary state in the Philippines now being represented by the US-Duterte regimen who leads the disastrous and oppressive war against the people that further violates the rights of the Filipino people. Presently, it has reached to a point where the tyrant Duterte even blatantly stated that he will never allow himself to be tried by the International Criminal Court (ICC). He will just run as vice-president in the upcoming 2022 national elections in order to escape accountability from his crimes against the people.

Despite the fact that he clearly is the terrorist as recognized by the public and by international law, the US-Duterte regime nevertheless insists that the CPP-NPA-NDFP is a terrorist organization. This is part and parcel of the reactionary state’s attempts to destroy the dignity and prestige of the revolutionary movement.

However, the Filipino people and the international community are certain that the CPP-NPA-NDFP is a legitimate adherent of the movement to liberate the masses from the hands of the vicious, despotic and executioner, puppet state of the imperialists. Today and in the future, with a firm hold on the spirit of serving the people, the Filipinos and the whole world can fully depend on the unceasing and unyielding compliance of the revolutionary movement to all international laws of war and the respect of the rights and welfare of the people.

Advance with great valor the struggle for national liberation, continue to respect and promote the international humanitarian law