Denounce US-initiated Japan-Philippine military access agreement

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The Communist Party of the Philippines (CPP) joins the various patriotic and democratic sectors in denouncing the Reciprocal Access Agreement (RAA) that is scheduled to be signed today by representatives of Japan and the Marcos government, at the behest of the interventionist US imperialist government.

The RAA, similar to the notorious US-Philippines Visiting Forces Agreement, will pave the way for Japanese military forces to establish their presence in the country as part of the plan to deploy overseas troops, preposition their vessels, conduct war exercises and preparations, and bind the Philippines more tightly to the US-led military alliances. Through the RAA, Marcos is allowing Japan to heighten its intervention in the Philippines in exchange for the transfer of military equipment, as well as promises of investments and loans, which only means deepening the country’s dependence on foreign capital.

The RAA is being signed in the context of intensified overseas military operations of Japan within the framework of the US-led Quad (Quadrilateral Security Dialogue) and increasing role in war exercises and preparations. It aims to increase the part of Japanese military forces in the current US geopolitical strategy, as elaborated in the US Indo-Pacific Strategy, which aims to contain and counter the growth of China’s economic and military power and influence. The RAA, in particular, will allow Japan to use the Philippines to expand its reach and influence, at the behest of the US military.

On US goading over the past years, Japan has been strengthening and expanding its so-called self-defense force (SDF) as a belligerent force, long prohibited under the Japanese constitution. The US has been putting pressure on Japan to increase its military spending to 2% (from 1%) of its GDP to “share the burden” of “deterring Chinese aggression.”

Since its defeat at the end of World War II, Japan has served as a junior imperialist power of the US. In pushing Japan to increase its military strength, the US is making the calculated risk of emboldening the expansionist aspirations of Japanese monopoly capitalists.

In signing the RAA with Japan, the Marcos regime will further tie the country to the US-led imperialist jingoist alliance, and shackle the Philippines more firmly to the military and economic interests of the US and Japan. It will further erode the country’s capacity to independently assert its own interests and aspirations.

By signing the RAA, Marcos will pave the way for the return to the Philippines of the military forces of imperialist Japan, which has never fully acknowledged and rectified the crimes perpetrated by its soldiers who occupied the country in 1942-1945, including the rape of thousand of Filipino comfort women.

Denounce US-initiated Japan-Philippine military access agreement