Duterte, the revolution will outlive you

After intervals of weeks out of public sight, the tyrant Rodrigo Duterte comes back to the spotlight at the Comprehensive Agrarian Reform Program anniversary to waste the people’s time on delirious talk. He spoke of ending the communist rebellion now in his time. He talks of an impossible dream.

Ironic that he would have spoken of that intent in that event—the subject of which is land and the lack of it in the hands of the people is what actually spurred the armed struggle of peasants in the countryside. The bureaucracy and the military, corrupt to the core as they are, cannot resolve the land problem and the guerilla war despite billions and billions of government funds drained on them for the past few decades. The government will now allot hundreds of billions of the proposed 2020 national budget to end the war. We will not be surprised if the people’s money ends up in the military and police top brass’ pockets.

After 50 years, the national democratic revolution of a new type—one that succeeded the old type waged by the Katipunan against the 300-yr old Spanish colonizers—rages on.

As history has shown in various places around the world, the struggle between the oppressed and its oppressor in a society will erupt into an antagonistic struggle—a civil war—because their interests are absolutely opposed each other. And for as long as exploitation exist, generation after generation will lay down their lives for an armed uprising that will end the present kind of society to create a new one with equality. They do this in the present as it is the only way they can survive or live with dignity. The revolution will carry on.

However, you, Duterte, you will meet your end.

You fatten the AFP and PNP with billions of the people’s money so they become your private army. However, you are terrified of the US who has the AFP’s loyalty and fear they will point their guns at you if you don’t play by their whims. You are also cowed by China whose unlimited funds you drool at, and bartered the country’s territory and the people’s interests to the usurper. These are the fundamental reasons you cannot and will not serve the interests of the people. And your puppetry to the US and China are the very reasons, however extreme your methods become, why you will not succeed.

The revolutionary movement is ignited to end your tyrannical rule with every fascist scheme you launch against the people. Whether by the sickness you are hiding or in jail languishing for your crimes against the people and the country—you will go. Either way is a pittance to you and you should be grateful.

But then, your deeds will be passed on to your children and their children, in shame and in blame. Like the definition in the Urban Dictionary, your name Duterte will live in infamy. The Filipino people will curse your name and remember ‘Duterte’ as fascist and traitor.

The revolution will outlive you. The youth, awakened to the injustices long-suffered by the people, and the Filipino people will bear arms, carry on the torch of revolution to its inevitable victory.

Duterte, the revolution will outlive you