End the reign of the biggest terrorists in the world! Make the US imperialist and all fascist states pay for their crimes against humanity!

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NDF-Bikol and the whole revolutionary movement in Bikol today, expressed its unity in commemorating the Day of Remembrance for Victims of Terrorism.

“Indeed, there is no higher tribute for all those whose lives have been wasted by terrorism other than to continue fighting for genuine justice. The revolutionary movement will not stop until the criminals have not completely faced their crimes against the people, most of all the worst terrorist with the most blood debt – the US imperialist and all its fascist devotees,” stated Ma. Roja Banua, NDF-Bikol spokesperson.

It has been the long time practice of the ruling class and imperialist forces to perpetuate terrorism and continue their oppression.

“Victims of systematic state violence are a hundred times over more than the victims of isolated and sporadic attacks of a few terrorist groups. Under the reign of fascist governments and their mercenary armies, hundreds of millions of people around the globe have been deprived of their civil rights and liberties through terrorist acts of mass starvation, dislocation, torture, illegal arrests and detention, abduction, killings and massacre,“ Banua continued.

According to the statement, the US has led all wars of aggression responsible for the killing of hundreds of millions of lives as well as the destruction of hundreds of millions more. It has supported and funded all other terrorist activities of fascist states around the world.

Banua said, the imperialist US have institutionalized their own meaning of terrorism, “they ceaselessly shove onto the public their interpretation that the people’s struggle must be considered as terrorism. They blur the difference between ordinary crimes and political acts to frighten the people and dissuade them from fighting for genuine societal change and national liberty. By this means, they are able to hinder the rapid spread of freedom movements and the people’s armed revolution while continuing their domination.”

That is why to further suppress the people’s struggle, powerful countries and fascist states wage hypocritical versions of war against terrorism. Because these aim to subdue the just wars of the people for nationalist and societal freedom, they make sure that these are fully funded and legitimized.

“The people’s disavowal and condemnation of the puppet Duterte also means the renouncement of all dictum of the US imperialist. The movement against Duterte is an anti-imperialist movement. The people must relentlessly make the imperialist US and its forces, the most brutal of all the terrorists and forerunners of destruction, violence and poverty, pay for all their crimes. The Filipino people continues to unite with all the other victims of imperialist terrorism around the world,” Banua stated.

In the end, NDF-Bikol gave importance to the great contribution of the Filipino society – the advancement of the people’s democratic revolution to help achieve justice for all oppressed classes in the world. It also called on all revolutionaries to strive in sustaining the people’s war until its absolute victory.

End the reign of the biggest terrorists in the world! Make the US imperialist and all fascist states pay for their crimes against humanity!