Fascist AFP-75th IB arrests 7 civilians

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On September 18, 2022, in the mountains of Sitio Katabadan, Brgy. San Roque, San Miguel, Surigao Del Sur, seven civilians who are poor peasants were arrested by fascist military troops under 75th IBPA.

The victims who were at their farms at that time are: Leboy Montenegro, 28 years old, his wife Etshell Arcinal Montenegro, 22 years old, Erlyn Montenegro, 32 years old, John Paul Montenegro, 18 years old, Archie Montenegro 17 years old, Dennis Montenegros 16 years and Raffy Arcinal.

Military troops currently occupy Sitio Katabadan in the name of their COPD/RCSP programs. One of the military’s policy is for residents to ask permission to leave their community or to tend to their farms. Thus, the Montenegros asked permission from the troops to go to their field to harvest abaca and were given permission to do so by AFP soldiers.

So, as early as 6 a.m. of September 18, 2022, the family decided to go to their farm. There, the fascist troops of 75th IBPA arrested and handcuffed and physically assaulted them without mercy, especially John Paul Montenegro whose entire body was wrapped in plastic canvas and kicked without let-up, and Leboy Montenegro whose head was put in a plastic bag then ordered to crawl in front of the others.

They were accused of being members of CPP-NPA even though they rightly asked permission from an AFP soldier to go to their farms. The Montenegro family experienced physical and mental torture from the bloodthirsty troops of 75th IBPA. They were kept by the fascists for almost 13 hours. They were sent home only at 9:00 at night after being detained since morning. The victims are still traumatized, especially John Paul who was almost incapacitated by the physical beating.

The brutal abuses of 75th IBPA and other military troops against the Montenegros and other victims demonstrate that they are fascist and mercenaries. The COPD/RCSP which are touted as service to the peasants is nothing but a threat to the security and livelihood of the poor peasant masses.

Under the current US-Marcos-Duterte regime, we have to expect more and similar cases to that of the Montenegro family which are clear violations of the human rights of the poor peasant masses by fascist military troops.

Thus, we have to be firmly united to fight against the fascist military reactionaries. We should not cower in fear and continue to expose abuse, intimidation and other human rights violations!

Fight martial Law against the people!

Fascist AFP-75th IB arrests 7 civilians