Hail the heroism of the Bicolano masses!

With the commemoration of the National Heroes’ Day, the NDF-Bikol acclaims the Bicolano masses for their ever-strengthening determination to advance the people’s war in the face of the many challenges and hardships being flung at them by the worsening crisis and state terrorism under the US-Duterte regime.

The revolutionary movement in the region also pays the highest honor to the Bicolano people and revolutionaries who offered their lives for the advancement of the national democratic revolution and achieve genuine liberation and democracy.

The US-Duterte regime remains unsuccessful in defeating the revolutionary movement because the armed struggle is deeply carved within the lives and history of the Bicolano masses. The Bicol prides itself in having a very widespread mass base because majority of the Bicolano masses consciously embrace the aspirations and program of the democratic revolution. From Camarines Norte to Masbate, the revolution is etched in every generation of Bicolano families’ blood. It would take more than the Pacific ocean for Duterte and his terrorist disciples in the Joint Task Force Bicolandia and the Bicol RTF-ELCAC to drain and deprive the revolutionary movement in Bikol of its scale and depth.

The accomplishments of the revolutionary movement in launching agrarian revolution, armed struggle and establishing Red organs of political power are due to the life and sacrifice devoted by the Bicolano masses in advancing their revolutionary aspirations.

From confronting militarization, launching campaigns such as increasing the prices of agricultural products, mass protests against landgrabbing, community production before and even more during the pandemic and mass recruitment to join the NPA, the true essence of bayanihan is practiced daily by the Bicoano masses. True heroism lies in their daily perseverance to forge their class unity in confronting and fighting the worsening crisis of the semifeudal and semicolonial system.

The revolutionary movement in the region pledges to forge its proletariat leadership and guidance over the mobilization and struggle of the Bicolano masses even more. The revolutionary movement shall equal the selfless support and participation of the Bikolano masses to the armed revolutionary struggle by steadfastly serving the people’s interests and striving to intensify the people’s war towards complete victory.

Hail the heroism of the Bicolano masses!