Investigate the killings and give justice to the victims of state violence and terrorism in Bikol

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The NDF-Bikol challenges all representatives of congress and the senate to immediately give attention and investigate the growing list of killings and the worsening cases of terrorism in the region involving elements of PNP-Region V under its program Simultaneous Anti-Criminality Law Enforcement Operations (SACLEO). The death toll under SACLEO has reached up to 26 victims from 2020 to August 2021.

Bikol has been leading the record of extrajudicial killings. The number of deaths has reached 34 from January to August 2021. One of the recent cases is the killing of two activists by the police – Jemar Palero and Marlon Naperi in Ligao City, Albay on July 26. Based on witnesses’ testimony and the autopsy results, it was clear that the two were mercilessly killed. However, the police still persists in covering up their hateful crime by insisting on their excessively-used script that the victims fought back (nanlaban).

Aside from Jemar and Marlon, among the 26 recorded victims of SACLEO were Brgy. Captain Geoffrey Castillo, Melvin Veri Otto, Enrique Cabilles, Arnel Candelaria, Nomer Peda, Senen Inocalla and Kgd. Melandro Verzo. They were killed after the PNP enforced SACELO during the last week of February until the first week of March in the provinces of Camarines Norte and Camarines Sur.

The Bikolanos have long called for their representatives to face the past due and worsening state of human rights situation in the region and to give justice to their loved ones. How many more lives must be wasted in order for the Bicolano congressmen and their co-bureaucrats to take notice and act on this distressing situation of human rights in the region? When will they act? Always only upon the nearing of an election?

They cannot remain deaf to the cries of justice by families of victims. They should faithfully perform their sworn duties to protect and uphold the welfare of the people. In the midst of the worsening pandemic, the widespread killings and abuses of human rights are additional problems faced daily by each Bicolano.

In the end, it is in the hands of the struggling people to achieve genuine and meaningful justice. The NDF-Bikol supports and salutes the people’s perseverance and continuing struggle. Rest assured, the revolutionary movement genuinely serving their interests is united with the Bikolano masses every step of the way.

Investigate the killings and give justice to the victims of state violence and terrorism in Bikol