Development aggression in Kalinga pushes people to war LGU cheers mining project despite anti-NM factors


As the Kalinga government unit celebrates a supposed ‘return to glorious days of Balatoc through responsible mining,’ the Cordillera People’s Democratic Front issues a reminder that the mining operation in question indicates glory not for the people of Pasil but for the profit-hungry mining companies. Under the leadership of known Red-tagger Allen Capuyan, the National Commission on Indigenous Peoples once again allows capitalist mining interests to take priority over the national minorities’ right to genuine self-determination.

The memorandum of agreement between mining companies and the Balatoc tribe is not the only cause for concern for the people of Kalinga. Under the same NCIP administration, river systems in Balbalan and Pinukpuk could fall victim to hydropower projects. The Energy Department has awarded the projects to JBD Waterpower Inc., with the process of securing the free, prior and informed consent of the indigenous communities already underway. Development aggression has never been more present in the province and the national minorities are once again called to sacrifice their ancestral territories in the name of progress.

Recent history between mining companies and the tribe is indicative of how capitalists are hellbent on forcing the latter make this unjust sacrifice. In 2013, the Makilala Mining Company, Inc. committed violations regarding the process of securing FPIC from the indigenous communities, with no less than the collusion of the NCIP. Caught red-handed, the Commission still deny any violation with the provincial director hollowly assuring the minorities that the process followed guidelines. Prior to this, state-run Philippine Mining Development Corporation and its private partners Carrascal Nickel Corp. and CNC Faratuk Mining, Inc. did not even think that securing consent from the Balatoc tribe is necessary.

How the provincial government unit can proceed with their merrymaking without questioning how these companies treat their constituents is beyond disappointing. They have facilitated the unfair sale of something that does not belong to them: the Kalinga legacy of ancestral riches in exchange for so-called development while companies rake in billions of profits. Clearly, the national minorities have no other recourse but to advance the national democratic war to fully realize their right to self-determination and end national oppression. Red-taggers like Capuyan echo the anti-minorities black propaganda and vilification from the NTF-ELCAC but it is him and his own office that push the minorities into the path of revolution.

Hold the NCIP accountable for the betrayal of its own mandate and the minorities’ trust!

Assert the legitimacy of a people’s war and of a separate legal democratic struggle!

Advance the national democratic revolution! Join the New People’s Army!

LGU cheers mining project despite anti-NM factors