Marcos II, all trips no action

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Since Bongbong Marcos assumed presidency, he has done nothing but to take trips around the world. Using the public funds, the dictator’s son travels as if the Philippines is not suffering from a crisis. In just a few months, he has already visited a number of countries yet he has not found the time to learn about his constituents and seriously address their concerns. How many state visits has he done compared to the laws and policies he pushed that directly answer the nation’s problems?

Marcos has not shown even a sliver of intent to address the country’s problems. He has not even opened the table for peace talks where the issue to be discussed would have been socioeconomic reforms that the nation severely needs now. He has not even taken any step to make it seem that he makes good on his farreaching promises last elections.

Marcos’ minions hawk on the narrative that the Filipino nation benefits from their master’s trips abroad. But can foreign debts and aids in exchange of control over national resources be considered beneficial? Will people benefit from being sold off as workers that could be freely exploited and desperate even for pissant wages? What kind of benefit is burying the masses even deeper into oppression and exploitation?

From the very start, the majority does not recognize Marcos II’s victory as president. Everyone knows that if not for their clique’s control over all electoral aspects and the Marcoses’ all-out buying of support from the most powerful political dynasties, he has no chance of winning.

But in his flagrant betrayal of being a party boy with no regard for the country, he isolates himself even further from the people. Now that the economic crisis worsens, many more are wakened to what the Marcos-brand of leadership really means. Many are becoming more aware that Marcos II and his cabal only cares about amassing even greater wealth at the expense of the Filipino people’s welfare.

Marcos II, all trips no action