On 9th IDPA and PRO 5’s claims against NPA: Quit whining against legitimate NPA operations, stop targeting civilians and their communities!

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Army and Police officials must quit whining about their recent losses in the region. Yes, they suffered several casualties including the deaths of five elements and the injury of not less than four, from successive tactical offensives launched in the Southern provinces of Bikol. But, their elements were equally capable of fighting back. They were just caught unawares. Besides, these military and police combatants were all clear, legitimate targets of NPA offensives. Such is war.

Didn’t PRO5 Spokesperson Maj. Calubaquib even claim that one of the casualties, PEMS Rebosura of Pilar MPS had the chance to fire his service firearm? Quoting their news release, “…Rebosura was able to retaliate using his issued firearm…” So, where is the treacherous in that?

Must they be reminded what foul is? What is foul is their armed units swarming civilian communities and committing grave crimes against the helpless masses. Forcing hordes of them to falsely surrender as NPA members. Illegally arresting people just for the ‘crime’ of questioning this government and fulfilling their duties as citizens of this nation. Arbitrarily accusing civilians, mostly peasants, of being members of NPA and much worse, killing them mercilessly. Peddling news of fake encounters and parading their unarmed victims as NPA members killed in battle. Unlike them, these people had no chance of fighting back. They were unarmed. They were slaughtered by state agents in the most traitorous and inhumane of ways. That is what cowardice looks like. That is what treachery is.

Their pedestrian reactions are pitiable. After more than 50 years, they still have not figured it out. They are fighting a guerilla war where Red fighters have the undeniable advantage of initiating engagements whenever they deem fit within guerilla zones. Naturally, units of the NPA will launch tactical offensives against legitimate targets such as AFP-PNP units conducting military operations, army barracks and police stations among others. Obviously, as in any war, offensives must be done without the knowledge of the opposing side.

But, the NPA, unlike them, draws the line between combatants and civilians. The NPA upholds people’s rights and bestows the highest respect upon it. The 9th IDPA and PRO 5 must be the ones to fight fair. Stop targeting civilians and their communities. The only reason for their so-called achievements is because they kill civilians and incapacitated individuals with impunity. Can Maj. Calubaquib claim fairness when their elements murdered construction worker Joan Marpiga of Camarines Sur or Brgy. Kgd. Menandro Verzo of Camarines Norte in front of their families? They were unarmed and were begging for mercy. How can 9th IDPA explain the Dolos massacre in Sorsogon where eyewitnesses saw them dragging the five killed peasants out of their homes before dressing them up and claiming that they were NPA killed in a gunfight? How about the Patalonan massacre in Camarines Sur where the victims were buried in holes they were made to dig themselves? And the murders of the senior citizen couple Aragdon in Camarines Sur? Lola Pepito and her grandchildren in Masbate? Abaca farmers Christopher Abraham and the would-be married Lito Aguilar of Catanduanes who had not had the chance to get wed? Are they too armed? The list goes on and on. Where is fairness for the hundreds of these victims?

Stop trying to ride the moral high horse for it is their own institution that has spat upon fairness and justice from the very beginning. Stop nursing wounds and just face the indubitable reality: you cannot win against the people’s democratic revolution for it will remain alive as long as there is oppression and exploitation in this land.

On 9th IDPA and PRO 5’s claims against NPA: Quit whining against legitimate NPA operations, stop targeting civilians and their communities!