On the social media censorship of NDFP Laguna’s spokespersons

We have been informed that the X (Twitter) accounts of Victoria Madlangbayan (KM Laguna spokesperson) and Alberto Alonzo (PKM Laguna spokesperson) are facing censorship.

Particularly, Victoria Madlangbayan’s account was suspended while Alberto Alonzo’s was shadowbanned. These incidents happened shortly after they shared their statements regarding the reopening of peace talks between the GRP and NDFP.

This would not be the first time that revolutionary organizations in Laguna experienced censorship and takedowns. Other organizations, including MAKIBAKA and NDFP, also faced suspensions due to supposedly “advocating hateful ideologies.”

We can only laugh at this crude form of censorship. Suspending our social media accounts cannot stamp out the growing momentum of the people’s democratic revolution in the province. In Laguna’s cities and countryside, the forces of the revolution gather strength and build our political power.

Rest assured that we are exploring new methods to spread revolutionary propaganda and education online. In the meantime, everyone is encouraged to reach us through Medium, emails, or through PRWC.

On the social media censorship of NDFP Laguna’s spokespersons