Resist Duterte’s push for armed vigilantes to carry out more widespread killings and abuses

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The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas joins the Filipino people in condemning Rodrigo Duterte for publicly endorsing vigilantism, widespread killings and impunity by calling to arm “anti-crime volunteers.” In the midst of unprecedented poverty and hunger, he places top priority in calling for worse violence and terrorism to make everyone bow down to his tyranny and tighten his rein on power.

At the present, Duterte is the worst criminal overlord in the country. He is not satisfied with the tens of thousands he has killed in the name of his “war on drugs” and his so-called war against “terrorism.” In his five years in power, he has used state terrorism for more violence and abuses, to attempt to destroy the revolutionary movement, and to defeat his political rivals and his rivals in the illegal drug trade. He wields his Duterte Death Squad (DDS) as well as the mercenary AFP-PNP which he has paid as his private army for his counterrevolutionary and criminal objectives.

Because he is afraid to be removed from power and be held criminally responsible, Duterte is ready to do anything to silence anyone who gets in his way. The people should expect even worse violence as the 2022 elections draw near. By calling to arm “anti-crime volunteers,” Duterte has practically signaled to his death squads to intensify their attacks against everyone who opposes him, who now enjoy the alibi of being mere “civilian volunteers.” Attacks against opponents of the ruling Duterte factions can also easily be blamed on the New People’s Army, similar to what the PNP did when it killed the mayor of Calbayog City and member of the Liberal Party. These false-flag operations can also be used as justification for the intensified crackdown against democratic forces who are accused of being NPA supporters. And even before Duterte’s recent push for armed vigilantes, there is already initial word regarding the military forming death squads by promising millions of pesos as reward money.

Duterte pushes the limits of state terrorism to the extreme because he knows that his days in Malacañang are counted. Day by day he is further isolated from the people, while infighting among his allies grows worse. The people’s calls to hold Duterte accountable for his crimes, to end his tyranny, and to achieve genuine reform grow louder.

All Filipinos must expose and oppose the butcher and murderous Duterte regime. They must persist in waging all forms of struggle to isolate, weaken, resist and frustrate all of Duterte’s attempts to stay in power.#

Resist Duterte’s push for armed vigilantes to carry out more widespread killings and abuses