RMPC-NPA honors Silay martyrs

The New People’s Army (NPA) and the entire revolutionary movement in Southeast Negros render its highest tribute and red salute to the brave people’s warriors, Kerima Lorena “Ka Ella ” Tariman and Joery Dato-on “Ka Pabling” Cocuba, martyred in an armed clash with Duterte’s fascist 79th IB soldiers in Brgy. Kapitan Ramon, Silay City, Negros Occidental last August 20.

Their martyrdom will forever be etched in the memories of the oppressed and exploited Negrosanons especially the peasants and farm workers whom they wholeheartedly served. They will further inspire the people to resolutely advance the national-democratic revolution to victory.

In particular, their martyrdom will further drive the people to intensify the armed struggle and all forms of resistance to oust the fascist chieftain Duterte from power amid the worsening socio-economic situation and intensifying state terrorism.

With arms and clenched fists raised, the revolutionary forces in Southeast Negros join the people in the Island in honoring the Silay martyrs. Their shining example of serving the people wholly and completely is our inspiration in pursuing the revolution unwaveringly amid immense difficulties and sacrifices.

Ka Ella was hors de combat when she was captured by fascist soldiers. She could have been treated in a nearby hospital and accorded all her rights under International Humanitarian Law. But, imbued with Duterte’s fascist mindset of “kill them all,” the soldiers finished off Ka Ella in gross violation of the Geneva Conventions.

Like the revolutionary nurse Rachelle Mae Palang, Ka Ella chose to abandon a comfortable bourgeois life to go the countryside and serve the people. Both of them gave all their best and talents for the revolution.

We honor the martyrs of Silay with a firm commitment to carry on and bring forward the revolutionary struggle to a new and higher level. ###

RMPC-NPA honors Silay martyrs