Solidarity month with the Indian people's resistance to Operation Kagaar

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The Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Philippines declares June 20 to July 20 as Month of Solidarity with the Indian people, especially the Adivasi (indigenous) masses in their fight against the fascist Operation Kagaar and the terrorism of the Modi regime supported and instigated by the monopoly capitalist companies and imperialist powers.

The Central Committee calls upon all revolutionary forces and the Filipino people to express in various ways their support for the Indian people’s struggle against the heightening brutal war of suppression and counterinsurgency campaign of the reactionary Indian state.

This war is directed against the Indian people and their revolutionary forces led by the Communist Party of India (Maoist). Since January, the Indian state has been carrying out the Operation Kagaar (“end” in English) as part of the larger counterinsurgency campaign Operation SAMADHAN-Prahar.

Thousands of military, paramilitary, police and mercenary armed forces of the Indian state have been deployed in Central India to subdue the people. It is used by the ruling state primarily against civilians, Adivasis, activists, and anyone who resists or dares to speak out against state oppression and repression throughout the country. It also targets the revolutionary leaders of the CPI (Maoist). The operation clearly violates international humanitarian laws, the rules of war and special protections for vulnerable sectors in areas of armed conflict.

The suppression campaign in India is similar to the intensified suppression currently being experienced by the Filipino people under the US-Marcos fascist regime. It is characterized by the heightened use of widespread bombing and targeting of civilian communities. Militarization in India and the Philippines has served to pave the way for the entry of large-scale mining operations, destructive dams and foreign corporations.

The fascist regimes of Modi and Marcos are in collusion with each other. Last April 19, the first batch of BrahMos missile weapon systems arrived in the Philippines from India costing $375 million or ₱18.9 billion, paid for with public funds. The taxes of the Filipino people are used to satiate the big capitalist arms producers in India and to support the regime that oppresses the Indian people.

In the face of fascist suppression, the struggle of the Indian people and the Filipino people continues. Both of them exemplify courage in fighting terrorism and oppression, even when it is fraught with difficulties and sacrifice. Although thousands of miles apart, the struggle of the Indian masses and the Filipino masses serves as an inspiration to one other.

Amid a world being shaken by wars ignited, instigated or supported by imperialists, it is imperative that the people of India and the Filipino people unite to advance their struggle for national freedom and democracy. The liberation of their countries from imperialist oppression and domination would serve as an invaluable contribution to the global struggle against imperialism and for freedom and socialism.

End the Operation Kagaar in India!
Defend indigenous land in India and the Philippines!
Fight destructive mining in India and the Philippines!
Marcos and Modi, fascist-terrorists!
Down with Imperialism!
Long live the People’s Liberation Guerrilla Army of India and the New People’s Army!
Long live the Communist Party of India (Maoist) and the Communist Party of the Philippines!

Solidarity month with the Indian people's resistance to Operation Kagaar