Solidarity with the armed resistance of the Palestinian people against Zionist and imperialist occupation and genocide


The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) joins all patriotic and democratic peoples and organizations around the world in extending solidarity with the Palestinian people, specifically the people in Gaza, as they intensify their armed resistance against the imperialist-backed occupation forces of Israel.

For more than a century since the Balfour statement in 1917, the Palestinian people have endured endless waves of ethnic cleansing, blockades, land grabs, the destruction of Palestinian towns, desecration of sacred sites, and daily raids into their homes. The escalating attacks and ruthless occupation of Israeli forces have pushed the Palestinian people to fight back and take up arms. Their armed revolutionary resistance against Israel as well as both US and European aggressors is therefore just and righteous.

The US provides $3 billion a year in military aid to Israel, making the Zionist state the largest cumulative recipient of US foreign assistance since World War II. The Pentagon has also positioned stockpiles of arms and ammunition throughout Israel in addition to the military backing it receives as a major NATO ally. Despite the inferior weapons of the Palestinian revolutionary forces against the US-imperialist-supplied arms of Israel, the Palestinian people have admirably remained steadfast and determined to end their oppressive and illegal occupation by Israel.

In this context, the intensification of the Palestinian armed resistance therefore becomes an even more powerful act of assertion of their right to self-determination and self-defense against the intolerable and brutal invasion and genocide of Israel. The recent offensives launched by the Hamas is a manifestation of the indomitable longing of the Palestinians for freedom and dignity. They deserve the long-standing solidarity of all democratic and freedom-loving peoples all over the world.

Like the Filipino people’s armed resistance against the exploitation and oppression of the US-puppet Marcos fascist regime, the Palestinian people are resisting a Zionist regime abetted and supported by US and European imperialists. US imperialism in particular, is using its puppet state of Israel to maintain hegemony and control of oil in the Arab region. Thus, Israel has operated with impunity as far as its aggression and hostility against the Palestinian people and other Arab nations are concerned. It acts as a mad dog of the US in the Middle East, abetting US imperialist aggression and interventionism in the region.

Israel’s genocide of the Palestinian people, occupation of Palestinian lands and terrorist bombings of Palestinian communities must stop. Israel’s Nazi-like pogrom in the Gaza and West Bank must stop immediately. The Palestinian people’s armed resistance deserves the strongest solidarity from all national liberation movements and all exploited, oppressed and working peoples of the world.

Solidarity with the armed resistance of the Palestinian people against Zionist and imperialist occupation and genocide