Stop the PNP’s Revitalized Presence in the Barangays Program

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There is no respite for the Bikolano people. After endless military and police operations, such as the bloody, brutal and treacherous SACLEO, RCSP and FMO, battered their communities, here comes the desperate US-Duterte regime with yet another campaign – the Revitalized Police Presence in the Barangays under the PNP Intensified Cleansing Operations. The regime is still not content with the PNP and AFP’s joint interoperability operations under his EO 70-Whole of Nation Approach. He pushes the military’s dominion much further by giving license to even larger police presence in the barangays.

The Bikolanos will face daily violations and curtailment of their rights and civil liberties. Not only the military shall be lurking and openly combing through their communities. Even the police shall occupy their towns. Just as the long standing experience of the Bikolano masses attest to, this shall result to deepened insecurity and threat to their lives, welfare and people’s rights. The police will also surely reinforce and proliferate the usual anti-social activities of illegal groups under the helm of the PNP itself.

The Bikolanos will definitely disavow PNP Chief Guillermo Eleazar’s program. They staunchly resist the AFP-PNP-CAFGU’s never-ending and disgusting sowing of terror in their communities. The public has not forgotten the murder of the two activists, Jemar Palero and Marlon Naperi in the hands of PNP-Albay in Ligao City, Albay last July 26. As well as the brutal series of killings and massacres under the PNP’s SACLEO campaign. The victim toll has reached 26 from 2020 until August 2021. This is aside from the number of Tokhang-style killings in the region under the senseless anti-drug campaign that has racked up more than 30,000 victims all over the country.

Together with the NDF-Bicol, the Bicolanos will intensify their fight against all fascist and terrorist schemes of the US-Duterte regime to defeat the mass movement and revolutionary movement. The masses understand that there is no one else who can uphold the rights of the people but themselves and their revolutionary movement. With the continuation of open-faced and worst curtailment of the Bikolano people’s rights, the people’s indomitable spirit only grows and spreads even more wider.

Stop the PNP’s Revitalized Presence in the Barangays Program