The people should not beg for ayuda! Overthrow the puppet and torturous US-Duterte regime!

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Duterte transformed the country into a society of beggars. Even before the pandemic, the national economy has been plummeting down, local production has been on its knees, livelihoods have been decimated and the masses have been wallowing in total starvation – all due to his perduring adherence to the semicolonial and semifeudal system. His outright puppetry and resistance against a self-reliant economy worsened the masses’ rueful state of dependence on aid and loans.

But Duterte purloined even these from the masses. Despite his gigantic and nonstop loan binges, which the public is expected to pay, the people still need to beg for their government’s petty support. He forces them to plead for aid that is rightfully theirs. Considering that the immensity of destruction that Covid-19 has brought to the country have been directly because of his criminal negligence, militarism and worthlessness.

As the masses flounder in poverty, Duterte and his stooges have the gall to defend the relentless funding of their total war against the people. Instead of heeding the public demand to realign the funds of National Task Force to End Local Communist Armed Conflict (NTF-ELCAC) to worthier projects and dissolve this senseless fascist machinery, the regime plays the people as fools with their persistent declarations of contrived and misleading data.

According to DILG Sec. Hermogenes Esperon, the amount of funds allocated for the pandemic aid and other solutions under the two Bayanihan Acts and the 2021 budget have already been sizable and adequate. What Esperon conveniently failed to mention is that these were full of inserted funds for fascism and neoliberalism. Also, even this insufficient aid have not been distributed entirely. With the combination of excruciatingly slow execution and open corruption, these laws have just gone and expired with just 69% of its target beneficiaries receiving the intended aid.

It is rightful for the people to wake the ineffectual US-Duterte regime up and demand sufficient and just aid. He has already squandered and wasted not just the public’s money but the Filipino society’s future. But more than this, the Filipino people must unite to end neoliberalism and fight for genuine development of the national economy. Covid-19 is not the first nor will be the last hurdle of the Filipino society. To cease dependence on fleeting dole-outs, it is just to struggle for the strengthening of the economy’s real foundations such as agriculture and national industrialization.

The people can never rely on any reactionary administration to break free from its ruling classes masters’ oppressive design. Only the revolutionary movement upholds the class interest of the people. To end the vagrancy of the Filipino society and to ensure its capacity to stand on its own, now and in the future, the masses must join the people’s democratic revolution and struggle for its victory.

The people should not beg for ayuda! Overthrow the puppet and torturous US-Duterte regime!