US uses Philippines as pawn in brewing inter-imperialist war

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Another US official in the character of US Defense Secretary Lloyd James Austin III visited the Philippines. Just like before, this move is part of war-thirsty US’ consolidation of its military intervention in the country and the Asia-Pacific region. This is in line with the US Pivot to Asia-Pacific direction that began in 2015 and to employ the Philippines as a pawn in its conflict with China. NPA-Bikol and the entire patriotic force strongly condemns US heightened intervention and the Marcos Jr. regime’s submission to it.

Although it is not in the immediate interest and strategy of both US and China to have an armed confrontation in the near future because they are still entrenched in tight economic crises, they are aware that their conflicting interests will eventually reach its peak. This is why both of them are preparing for war nonetheless. It is a part of US strategy to contain China’s expansion as a military power and preserve its hegemony in the Asia-Pacific region. Presently, there are more than 750 military bases in 81 countries all over the world – most of them are in Asia.

According to the 2015 Rand Corporation Report for the US Armed Forces, Philippines and Vietnam are key positions for US offensive posturing. This is the reason behind its aggressive intervention in the country. Marcos has already allowed the construction of five additional US military base and facility within AFP locations in adherence to the Enhanced Defense Cooperation Agreement (EDCA). Two of these military facilities will be erected in Cagayan, while Palawan, Zambales and Isabela will have one each.

The Philippines have long been a pawn for US forever wars. This has been made possible by unfair military agreements such as Military Bases Agreement (1947), Mutual Defense Treaty (1952), Visiting Forces Agreement (1999), Mutual Logistics Support Agreement (2002) and the latest EDCA (2010). All puppet regimes from Manuel Quezon to Marcos Jr. has agreed and submitted to this arrangement and unequal relations.

While the US still has its military bases in the Philippines in 1950s, CIA had been operating the Operation Brotherhood based in Manila. It is a mechanism that ensures the rapid deployment of units of the Armed Forces of the Philippines to US-instigated wars in Asian countries. During this period, Philippine territory, such as the Clark Air Base in Subic, Pampanga and the Sanga-Sanga Island in Tawi-Tawi, had also been actively used for US trainings and logistics.

This 2018, Operation Pacific Eagle-Philippines was revealed to the public – the latest US contingency opertaion in the country after the Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines (2002-2015). There were not less than 300 American troops in the Philippines for the said operation.

With Marcos Jr.’s latest treacherous maneuvers, he speeds up the country’s involvement in the inter-imperialist conflict. He is apathetic towards the people’s welfare and his commitment to the country as a military outpost for the US is very clear, so long as he can pocket large sums of money from their promised concessions.

The nation, most especially the patriotic and democratic forces, must rise up and condemn Austin’s visit in the country and US provocation of an inter-imperialist war. It is right for them to push the end of US military intervention in the Philippines, the junking of unequal military treaties, removal of US military bases and facilities and the banishment of all American military troops in the country.

US uses Philippines as pawn in brewing inter-imperialist war