Youth, be good and loyal champions of truth! Never again to Martial Law!

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The nation marks the 50th year since the declaration of Martial Law in 1972 in the face of the tragedy of the disavowed Marcos family’s return to power. The dictator’s scion, Bongbong Marcos, is now a president. The people has witnessed how big bureaucrat capitalists and the imperialist US buttressed his win. From his vice president candidacy, they have bred the propagation of disinformation. They have tried to whitewash their family’s crimes – from widespread abduction, torture, rape, enforced disappearances and trumped-up charges to rampant killings. What else is there to expect from a fascist’s son who drools at the chance to complete his plunder of the people’s wealth?

The youth must be ever vigilant now that the Marcos regime is overly zealous over the revision of history and the perpetuation of disinformation. They must not allow history to be overturned and for state violence, especially during his father’s time, to be spun into mere illusions.

Fake news crowd the internet. Even most academic curricula have ceased to comprehensively educate the youth with what really happened during the time of Martial Law. This is a grave insult to all who perished under the state’s terrorism and who, until now, have not attained justice for their loved ones.

Lies about Martial Law must not be allowed to spread. This is a challenge to the youth to look back on the people’s experiences. Open their eyes and truly see, remember and feel what their fellow Filipinos had felt then. They must sound the alarm on the masses’ historic uprising against the dictatorship and not allow for it to be treated as ‘hearsay’. It is the youth’s duty to learn history and make sure that the next generations will also know of what really transpired in their country.

Look back on history and let it serve as an inspiration to be better champions and torchbearers of truth for the people now and tomorrow.

Never Forget! Never Again to Martial Law!

Youth, be good and loyal champions of truth! Never again to Martial Law!