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Strengthen resistance to intensifying military intervention and US imperialist war-mongering

Ang Bayan Editorial | May 7, 2024

In the coming weeks and months, the Filipino people are certain to face intensified military intervention by US imperialism and its allies in the Philippines in the fight against China. It is not far-fetched, especially with US President Biden desperate to show off in the run-up to the November elections, that the offensive actions of the US and its allies against China will lead to armed confrontations before the end of the year.

The US is fueling military tensions in what it defined as the first-island-chain of countries and islands to surround China (from the Kuril Islands, Japan, Ryukyu Islands, Taiwan, the northern and western Philippines and Borneo). The US is further raising the temperature with its scheduled mobilization of 11,000 American troops for the Balikatan 2024 (April 22 to May 10) and the Cope Thunder war games from April 8 to 19.

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(Primer) US imperialist incitement of war on China, a threat to the lives and liberty of the Filipinos




Every year, the US launches more and larger wargames on the land, sovereign territories and immediate surrounding waters of the Philippines. Concurrentlly, it builds increasing numbers of military bases, outposts and facilities that serve as quarters for troops and storage of equipment, weapons, war vehicles and other arsenals (chemical, biological and nuclear) it uses to wage war and to “prepare the theater of war” against China. At any given time, thousands of American troops are present in the Philippines for navigation, port visits, “joint” activities and relentless wargames.

By controlling its arsenal, the US is further tightening its operational control over the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP). It is increasing its stockpiled bombs, weapons and obsolete military equipment in the pretext of “modernization” of the reactionary army. Using these weapons, the US aggressively intervenes on the AFP and the Marcos regime’s counterinsurgency campaign against the Filipino liberation movement, which has remained the strongest and biggest obstacle to its imperialist ambitions in the Asian region. Because of this, the AFP is becoming more dependent on the financial and military aid of the US, putting it more under US control.

The US’s current use of the AFP and Marcos’ puppet regime as pawns for the armed conflict or war against China is a threat to the lives of Filipinos and the country’s sovereignty. The Communist Party of the Philippines and the national-democratic movement must firmly lead and unite the entire Filipino people to defend the country’s rights against foreign military intrusion, promote the desire for peace, demand a peaceful foreign policy, and prevent the outbreak of inter-imperialist war that will implicate the Philippines.


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