DILG daydreams that there are only five NPA fronts left in the country

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The government’s hollow counterinsurgency campaign really is a study of irony and greed. This is proven by fascist machineries satisfying its avarice with the staggering amount of funds that would supposedly be used to end communism. And to legitimize its claim, it peddles the fantasy that there are but five guerilla fronts left under the revolutionaries’ control.

If there is any truth in their claim that CPP-NPA-NDF’s force has already been decimated, then why do they keep on peppering the whole country with ever-multiplying military and police formations? Then what are the hundreds of billions of arms, bombs and bullets that the mercenary AFP-PNP purchases yearly even for? In fact, the intensity of their fear turns them even more indiscriminate in their attacks against the whole civilian population. They have become more brazen in their suppression of rights and civil liberties. They are more aggressive in revising history and targeting all progressive and democratic forces. No matter where they turn, they always see threats of uprising. They see seeds of the revolution in the face of every Filipino who has been shackled with oppression and exploitation since time immemorial. Does the ferocity of their attacks not, in itself, proves that the current state still believes the revolutionary movement’s existence is its strongest nemesis?

These contradictory statements only underscore the fact that more than 50 years had still not been enough for the state to put an end to the Filipino nation’s revolution. Behind these grand pronouncements, the truth remains that the reactionary government and its ruling elite masters shudder in fear in the face of the revolutionary movement’s strength and impregnability. Even though they control the resources, freely funnels funds and uses it as capital, hawks on and on about smear campaigns and malicious schemes – the people’s steadfast support of the revolution persists.

Abalos, the DILG and the whole reactionary state are lost in daydream. They can never prevent the revolutionary movement’s advance. They must remember that the Filipino society is a wide prairie. Dry leaves already surround the ground and are just about to kindle. The ever-present crisis that the Filipino nation endures, the fascism and rottenness of the state, the ceaseless oppression and exploitation – all of these only serves to ignite the people’s fighting spirit even further ablaze.

DILG daydreams that there are only five NPA fronts left in the country