Directive of increased police operations in Masbate, PNP and US-Duterte regime’s admission of failure to defeat the revolutionary movement

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US-Duterte regime’s wrath for Masbate is sky-high. From the start, this province is one of his fascism and terrorism’s prime targets. PNP Chief Guillermo Eleazar’s latest order to further augment police operations in the province is just one out of the numerous orders that give legality to attacks and abuses against the Masbate people. They were forced to give out this command even if it means admitting their failure because despite the most vehement of their operations, brashest declarations of fake encounters and disparagement of the revolutionary movement, parade after parade of fake surrenderees – even when they went as far as embroiling children, they are still unsuccessful in preventing the wide spread of the people’s struggle.

One proof of this is that despite the all-out military and police operations, including the assault of more than 1,400 combined elements of the police, military and CAFGU in South Masbate, not one of Jose Rapsing Command BHB-Masbate’s units has incurred any record of a defensive battle this year. The mercenaries know all too well that this is because of the people’s warm embrace of the revolutionary movement and aspirations.

But the PNP is too late. They cannot remove the revolution entrenched in the hearts of the Masbatenyos – from the hearts of all the exploited and oppressed from all corners of the country. The people’s just war has taken root and has been nurtured by generations of the Filipino people. The masses and their Red army’s unity has already overcome multitudes of challenges and obstacles. There have been many PNP chiefs and fascist leaders that came and went who dreamt of breaking this unity but failed. This cannot be shaken down nor stopped by puppet fascists like Duterte and his murderous stooges such as Eleazar.

It is no secret how the revolutionary movement and the NPA maintains its strength and continues to gain in force. They are from the peasantry, workers, youth, women, national minorities, professionals and all the other exploited and oppressed sectors. They are the most loyal and committed sons and daughters of the country who wholeheartedly cherish the common good, genuine liberty, justice and peace. They are the ones who do not and will not tolerate being slaves nor will allow the next generations to experience this bone-crushing destitution. And because they are from the masses, they are for the masses. The welfare and interests of the people are always in the hearts and minds of all Red fighters and commanders. Though they receive no wage, unlike the police and military who are coddled with mountains of funds for fascism and corruption, the kasamas tirelessly serve the masses in any way possible – be it through education, health, attainment of justice, production. How can the police who knows nothing but to kill even during the pandemic ever match this?

In the end, it is every NPA fighter and commander’s pledge to decisively face all attacks by the mercenary army, defend the people from state terrorism and to pave the way for the victory of the people’s democratic revolution and the establishment of a new system that shall truly serve and liberate the people from the olden chains of exploitation and oppression.

Directive of increased police operations in Masbate, PNP and US-Duterte regime’s admission of failure to defeat the revolutionary movement