Duterte’s renewed ECQ a desperate denial of pandemic response failure

Without any genuine plan to curb the spread of Covid-19 through concrete medical and scientific measures, a new extreme community quarantine (ECQ) can be only be useless at best, and an aggravation to the crisis at worst.

Duterte refuses to acknowledge its utter failure of a Covid-19 response and insists on using every possible excuse to justify continuing a militaristic approach.

A year and the worst daily cases recorded later, the regime is still hung-up on lockdowns and apprehension of “violators” to address the pandemic. A year and the worst daily cases recorded later, the regime still burdens the masses with responsibilities the government should be handling.

Despite public clamor, Duterte still rejects that more than being ineffective, a highly militarized lockdown poses a lot more danger to the people’s health.

Even among the ranks of the Philippine National Police (PNP), cases are skyrocketing in an “unprecedented” manner. With active cases breaching 2,000, the PNP is being forced to locate more isolation facilities for its members. At the same time, more of their personnel are going to be ordered to roam the streets and go house-to-house as part of the lockdown implementation. Not only is Duterte threatening the lives of millions of people, he is also sending his own uniformed men to endanger themselves while the national government remains unable to handle the rising number of cases.

It is all the more disgusting and disappointing how Duterte boldly highlights heightened presence of uniformed personnel during this period of ECQ for NCR and neighboring provinces, yet gave not even an allusion to cash or food aid distribution for the communities and families that will be affected by the lockdown.

Obviously, this regime does not give even a second’s thought to how the people are supposed to gain access to food, drinking water, and basic necessities. It does not care whether children still have pencils to use for their modules, or whether the sick can still afford their medication. It will shed not a even a drop of tear if more people lose their lives because of Covid-19, and much less because of hunger.

In fact, everything Duterte did as “pandemic response” has benefited only the regime—and brought unparalleled suffering to the Filipino working class.

From lockdowns preventing the masses from earning a living while milking them through exorbitant fees for minor violations, to the Jeepney Phaseout threatening to permanently injure the livelihood of thousands of drivers and operators—Duterte has proven that he looks out only for his interests.

No doubt, Duterte and his cronies are swimming in all the ‘blessings’ they have amassed since the start of the pandemic—Duterte’s special powers from Bayanihan 1 and 2 made sure of that. Now, the CREATE act is set to further fatten the pockets of Duterte’s “business associates” while the toiling masses are left with nothing.

The people can no longer stomach the brazen abuse of the regime. They refuse to be made slaves to the crisis because of Duterte’s gross negligence and corruption.

The people declare: OUST DUTERTE NOW!

Kabataang Makabayan calls on all its members and chapters across the country to frustrate Duterte’s fascist and corrupt agenda:

• Launch Covid-19 information drives in communities and assert the people’s demands for cash and food aid.

• Mobilize all members and allies to prepare and distribute relief to families severely affected by Duterte’s militarist lockdown.

• Organize the masses to collectively resist the regime’s fascist terror!

Oust Duterte now! End the Duterte regime’s fascist terror and make it pay for its crimes!

Duterte’s renewed ECQ a desperate denial of pandemic response failure