Expose and denounce the American war-monger Col. Raymond Powell

Former US air force colonel, Raymond M. Powell, is an active psywar operative, interventionist, war-monger and American agent-provocateur. From an obscure career in the US military, he has been receiving much air time from big Philippine media organizations since last year, touted as a “security analyst” and “expert on maritime issues.”

Colonel Powell has been actively supporting Philippine security forces in carrying out provocative operations in the West Philippine Sea in the guise of “supply missions” to bring “construction materials” to the BRP Sierra Madre. He has recently stepped up his provocation, pushing the Philippines to consult with the US on options under the Mutual Defense Treaty. He insists China will not be open to deescalating conflicts, insinuating that there is no more room for diplomacy and dialogue.

Funded and endorsed by the US military, Colonel Powell has been playing an active role in the US “Indo-Pacific strategy,” that aims to contain China’s growth as an economic and military power. He presently heads the Myoushu and Sealight projects at Stanford University, which has been actively providing “information operations” support to the so-called “supply missions” of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and Philippine Coast Guard. These naval and maritime operations challenge China’s “gray-zone tactics” and push it to its limits. This is part of the overall US military scheme to make China “own the starting pistol.”

By way of background, Colonel Powell took part in the US wars of invasion and occupation of Afghanistan (2001) and Iraq (2003), both of which were waged by the US on false pretexts. As an expert in information wars, he is now actively seeking ways to ignite a military conflict between the Philippines and China, and thus set the pretext for a large-scale US war of intervention.

Colonel Powell is part of US drumbeating operations to generate a clamor for war and for US military intervention. He is working alongside other US-funded, supported or endorsed “think tanks” such as the “International Development and Security Cooperation” which has been hyping up the scenario of a “Chinese invasion” and consistently calling on the US to step in. The fanning of Sinophobia is also part of this information war.

Colonel Powell and the slew of “security analysts” must be exposed and denounced as war-mongers, who have no qualms of sparking a war in the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea, which will surely trample further on Philippine sovereignty and bring a great disaster to the Filipino people.

Expose and denounce the American war-monger Col. Raymond Powell