Expose and reject US-manufactured anti-Chinese hysteria


Synchronized and bank-rolled by the US State Department and Pentagon, officials and agents of the Marcos government, officers of the military, police and coast guard, senators and congressmen, corporate media, “think tanks,” some “civil society” groups, and social media mercenaries have recently ramped up their campaign to foment anti-Chinese hysteria and Sinophobia among Filipinos.

They fuel speculations and conjure stories of Chinese spies, sleeper cells, infiltration, hacking, and penetration, as part of the so-called Chinese “invasion playbook.” Marcos tops off the hysteria campaign with his “growing external threat” that clearly consider China as a hostile force.

This campaign hypes up valid concerns over overbearing tactics of China with regard Filipino fishermen, as well as criminal operations behind the POGOs (long supported by corrupt government officials of the Duterte and Marcos regimes). But this anti-Chinese hype has also come up with a slew of made up stories.

This campaign to stoke hate against China and the Chinese people is part of the US strategy to use the Philippines to heighten tensions and provoke armed confrontations in the West Philippine Sea. The US imperialists wants the Filipino people to consider China as their enemy, and obscure the fact that US imperialism is the primary national oppressor of the Philippines.

As in all its wars, from the colonial conquest of the Philippines, to its wars of aggression in Korea and Vietnam, to Afghanistan and Ukraine, the US imperialists manipulate public psyche to favor US military intervention and wars. This is pure and simple mass brainwashing.

This campaign to whip-up anti-Chinese hysteria in the Philippines is not new. A recent Reuters investigation exposed how the Filipino public became victims of a US Pentagon-funded campaign on social media to spread misinformation and cast doubts on the Chinese Covid-19 vaccine Sinovac. Hundreds of social media accounts were used by the US to influence Filipinos to favor vaccines made by US companies such as Pfizer and Moderna. This willful campaign of misinformation endangered public health and the lives of Filipinos amid the pandemic.

In the same way, the present campaign to whip up anti-Chinese hysteria is putting at risk the lives of the Filipino people and the country’s security. It is aimed at inflaming disputes between the Philippines and China in the South China Sea and West Philippine Sea, which, in fact, have long existed and managed in a diplomatic way. This information war is being carried out by the US while heightening its military presence in the South China Sea and adjacent regions around China, with the aim of creating conditions for armed hostilities with its imperialist rival.

The Filipino people must repudiate this US-orchestrated anti-Chinese hysteria and reject the scheme to stoke war. They must vigorously demand that diplomacy, legal action and negotiations be carried out more robustly in line with the 2016 arbitral ruling along the United Nations Convention on the Laws of the Seas (UNCLOS). They must urgently call for dismantling Chinese military facilities in the West Philippine Sea, the withdrawal of all US naval forces, as well as all US military bases in the Philippines.

The Filipino people’s progressive and patriotic forces must consciously expose and fight the spread of anti-Chinese hysteria and Sinophobia. They need to persevere and be indefatigable as they are up against the disinformation machinery of the biggest imperialist power in the world. They must expose and fight the US-Marcos regime’s war-mongering and its rush to instigate armed hostilities with China, as part of the US imperialist plan to drag the Philippines to its conflict with China.

Expose and reject US-manufactured anti-Chinese hysteria