Fight the intensifying terrorism sown by the PNP

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PNP Chief Guillermo Eleazar is like a rabid dog with his consecutive issuance of directives which has no other objective but to intensify the sowing of terror amongst the people. Lately, he ordered a crackdown against armed groups. This signifies the intensification of PNP’s anti-insurgency campaign under the joint AFP-PNP Campain Plan Kapanatagan and NTF-ELCAC.

Among his directives are the increased presence and occupation of policemen in the communities under the Intensified Cleanliness Policy and Revitalized Pulis sa Barangay Immersion Program. Despite widespread criticism from the different sectors, the PNP also implemented the Global Coalition of Lingkod Bayan Advocacy Support Groups and Force Multipliers. It supported the PNP’s neutralization campaign in the form of joint police-military operations, police mobilie force combat operations and the Nanlaban-tokhang operation under the SACLEO.

Bikol is considered a priority area of PNP’s intensified counterinsurgency campaign. It is in the region that PNP deployed its most number of personnel under the so-called Quarantine Control Points that acts as a smokescreen for their search and destroy operations in the communities. The PNP pushes for the active implementation of Kil, kill, kill and other anti-people attacks especially in the province of Masbate where there is widespread illegal arrests, detention and killings of civilians. For this year alone, almost 25 individuals have been arrested and indicted with trumped-up charges in the said province. Prior to this, Camarines Norte was the center of the implementation of SACLEO wherein seven individuals were killed during PNP’s successive operations from February to March.

The civilian population continues to suffer violence brought by PNP’s said directive. The people are very much familiar with the modus used by the PNP in their operations: the use of manufactured warrants-of-arrests; planting of evidence such as guns, grenades, bombs that they have repeatedly used in the houses and offices of their victims and most notoriously, their insistence in using the oft-repeated alibi of “nanlaban” against the victims that they killed.

The Bicolanos can expect that these intensified PNP operations will also serve the upcoming 2022 national elections. Like the AFP, Duterte will also use the PNP as his machinery in pursuing his goals of running for the vice-presidency goals or other political scenario that he might be brewing to escape acountability from his various crimes against the people. Under such intensified operations, the PNP will waste the funds intended for them under the NTF-ELCAC.

The Bicolano masses will never waver in their vigilance against the vicious AFP-PNP-CAFGU. They are the first to expose and condemn their deception and violence. Now more than ever, each Bikolano will not falter in their hope to hold into account and overthrow the terror architect that is Duterte. Neither both the PNP and the AFP nor Duterte himself will be able to stop the people in carrrying forward the revolution which is their only hope to free themselves from the chains of feudalism, beaurucrat capitalism and imperialism. The combined force of the Bicolanos and the rest of the Filipino masses will tear this down and shall pave the way to achieving total victory for all the oppressed people.#


Fight the intensifying terrorism sown by the PNP