Hail the youth who chose to serve the nation

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This anniversary of the Kabataang Makabayan, KM-Bikol hails all genuine children of the nation who bravely stood for the correct and just revolution. They embraced the duty of being the torchbearers of the future and accepted the challenge of participating in the people’s democratic revolution. Hundreds of thousands of youth, from the peasant to the national bourgeoisie sectors, have chosen to selflessly offer their strengths, intellect and skills for the realization of a future that is truly liberated and liberating.

In the face of worsening societal crisis laying siege upon the people, it is all the more necessary for the youth to combine their force to the more encompassing people’s struggles. It is a challenge for them to hold on to the lessons gained by the previous generations and to connect the struggle that sparked then to the revolution of present times. As the newly-sprouting foundations of revolution, they must forge their revolutionary practice to a higher level and be ready to face novel obstacles and storms.

Above all, KM-Bikol encourages all the youth who have grown conscious of the social conditions to go to the countrysides and take up arms. Armed struggle is the highest form of struggle and is the people’s primary weapon of resistance. It is just for the number of young generation choosing to join the NPA to increase and remold themselves as Red fighters of the people’s genuine army.

They must also remember that this challenge continues even after the anniversary of Kabataang Makabayan. This must be wholehartedly taken to practice by every youth across Bikol and the whole country.

Hail the Kabataang Makabayan!
Continye the nation’s fight!

Hail the youth who chose to serve the nation