Let justice prevail for the all victims of Duterte’s unjust war!

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The semi-fedual and semi-colonial society is pregnant with crisis and never-ending exploitation and abuse. It gives birth to revolutionaries and the spirit of struggle. Everyday, the oppressed people are faced with the reality that they need to choose between two things – to surrender or to fight. And everyday, they choose to fight and advance. And if one is felled by the fascists’ bullet, it raises not only one, but thousands more to continue to act, struggle and defend their rights.

Jemar Palero and Marlon Naperi did not die in vain. They brought hope and inspiration to those who also chose to fight. Their death enlightened thousands more that the marginalized cannot be cowed, nor will they surrender their dignity and principles. They strengthened the mass movement – thousands poured on the streets, they conveyed their demands through social media, they called on politicians sleeping on the job to work for their beleaguered constituents, they launched political discussions, they studied the social situation and worked towards meaningful change. More than that, hundreds of them joined the people’s war. They are the ones who added the lost letters of the unfinished call to overthrow Duterte – Duterte Ibagsak! They are the ones who carried on the fight!

Lumaban sila, hindi nanlaban.

They fight because they are aware that it is only through their own strength and class unity can they hope to achieve justice for all victims of Duterte’s unjust war.

They fight because they know that it is just to wage a revolution. The deaths of Jemar, Marlon and the almost 200 victims of extrajudicial killings and massacre in Bikol demonstrate that despite the justness of their struggle, the reactionary government will only respond with violence. There is no other way but to fight, take arms and defy being eventually buried into contemptible poverty.

It is therefore only appropriate to further expand the mass movement, to increase the number of those aroused, organized and mobilized until thousands of them rush forth to Malacañang, to renounce the slaughterer and massacre king Duterte and make him answerable to the countless crimes he has committed against the masses and the rest of mankind.

Let the people’s movement surge and be united with the revolutionary movement. It is through their class strength and firmness that the state of the ruling class and paper tigers like Duterte, his cronies and mercenaries including their imperialist master be crushed. Attain genuine justice for Jemar, Marlon and many others. It is only through the revolutionary path can genuine freedom, peace and progress for the nation be achieved.

Let justice prevail for the all victims of Duterte’s unjust war!