NDF-Bikol to PD Guadamor: Too ludicrous to be true

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It is not surprising for the murderer police and military to be haunted by the spectre of struggle in every corner of society. They are aware of their failure and that they will remain a failure in suppressing the people’s just war. As long as repression and exploitation remains, there will always be someone who will struggle for genuine change.

But PNP Camarines Norte Provincial Director Julius Guadamor’s statement is just overly preposterous: alleging that the NPA after conducting tactical offensives, would hide their armaments away and wear peasant clothes to pose as simple farmers during the day. In which book of fiction did he pick up this kind of story?

In which case, this is no simple insult against the NPA. In essence, PD Guadamor is posing a threat against the people: because anyone is considered an NPA, anyone can be killed. This is extremely dangerous for the civilian population. This kind of logic gives reason to the impunity of killing civilians. This conditions the minds of people to accept the practice of the police and military to kill and kill without distinguishing whether the victim is a combatant or not. Anyone can be a target of assassination and massacre. It would be too easy to say that they were NPA dressed as civilians.

This is the modus operandi of the PNP in their brutal Simultaneous Anti-Criminality Law Enforcement Operations (SACLEO). They make it appear that civilians like Brgy. Captain Geoffrey Castillo, Melvin Veri Otto, Enrique Cabilles, Arnel Candelaria, Nomer Peda, Senen Inocalla and Kgd. Melandro Verzo were members of the NPA, when they were clearly civilians.

However, no matter how often they spew out these farfetched stories, PD Guadamor and the whole AFP-PNP cannot cover-up the truth that they blatantly kill the people whose only desire is to live their lives quietly and productively. They dig their graves deeper with their lies. The butcher AFP-PNP-CAFGU will never succeed in winning the hearts of the Bicolanos. In the midst of non-stop militar and police operations, bloody and brutal operations that often end with the ‘nanlaban kaya nabaril,’ the masses are aware that they have no one else to count on but themselves and their genuine army, the NPA.

NDF-Bikol to PD Guadamor: Too ludicrous to be true