NDF-EV: Glory and honor to the 19 martyrs of Dolores!

Revolutionary forces and the broad masses in Eastern Visayas raise their fists high in salute of the 19 members of the New People’s Army (NPA) who were martyred in the brutal aerial bombardment by the Armed Forces of the Philippines in Dolores, Eastern Samar.

It is fitting to mark this year’s National Heroes Day by giving glory and honor to the Martyrs of Dolores. They were among the brightest and best sons and daughters of the people who courageously fight the fascist terror and grave hardship brought upon the people by the reactionary system. They are heroes of the revolution and of the people’s heroic struggle for democracy and liberation. All units of the NPA and revolutionary mass organizations in Eastern Visayas are today called upon to give tribute to the Martyrs of Dolores.

The people must condemn the wanton overkill, arrogance, and murderous policy of the fascist Duterte regime and the AFP displayed in their airstrike against the platoon of the NPA in Dolores. The attack was their attempt to savagely suppress the struggle of the people for genuine peace and democracy, freedom and progress, against a fascist, puppet, plunderous, criminally-negligent and tyrannical rule of the Duterte regime. The martyrs of Dolores were killed while defenseless, in no position to battle, and without mercy or restraint from the fascist murderers of the AFP.

The unit of the NPA covering the front in Eastern Samar were warmly welcomed and embraced by the peasant masses. They had their sympathy and support because they fought against the armed criminal elements and drug syndicates who enjoy the protection of the local police and military. Since the dawn of the people’s army in the province, the NPA fought with the masses against the despotic landlords and land-grabbers who victimized many small peasants and land-owners. In the last harvest season, many peasant masses had their rice fields destroyed by the flood and pests. Livid, they called their crops “na-Duterte.” The NPA unit actively helped them with their work in the farmlands.

Aside from helping in production, they also rendered medical services and political work to the residents. They helped spread awareness regarding the pandemic and conducted a public health campaign among communities where medical facilities are almost non-existent and which the reactionary state has long neglected.

The local masses took the NPA as their true army. Many of the NPA members whom the AFP slaughtered with their 4,000-pound bombs and strafed with their brand new fighter jets and attack helicopters were local peasant youth who were new recruits to the people’s army. They were among the brightest of the Filipino youth who continue to join the people’s army by the numbers and aspire for revolutionary change in the midst of the grave devastation caused by the worsening economic, political, and health crisis.

The fascist regime’s intimidation and deception could not veer them away from wanting to learn and discover and to actively participate in armed revolution. Only in revolutionary struggle did they find the path towards truly solving the widespread poverty, hunger, oppression, loss of livelihood, and dark future under the plunderous, repressive and corrupt rule of the Duterte regime. Let us pay tribute to the impassioned and patriotic Filipino youth who join the people’s army in genuine service to the people. As the regime becomes more cruel and ruthless, more sons and daughters of the people, especially the youth, are urged to make a stand and fight.

All revolutionary forces in Eastern Visayas are called on to give the highest tribute to the Martyrs of Dolores. All units of the NPA and revolutionary mass organizations are called to hold cultural programs and offer songs, dances, poems and other cultural performances that celebrate the life and sacrifice of all our revolutionary martyrs. Let us raise our fists high and remember them as our heroic defenders, our guides, comrades, teachers, doctors, close friends and companions in times of tears and joy. Let us emulate their shining example of selfless sacrifice and service to the people and the revolution.

As the people face the worsening fascist attacks of the terrorist regime, let the Martyrs of Dolores, along with all of our revolutionary martyrs, serve as inspiration in carrying forward the just war for which they have offered their lives. Let us honor their memory by determinedly waging revolutionary struggle to end the fascist tyranny of the Duterte regime. In due time, the echoes of the people’s resistance shall ring louder than any bomb or weapon of the enemy; the earth they have scorched shall be engulfed in the flames of the revolution.#

NDF-EV: Glory and honor to the 19 martyrs of Dolores!