NDF-EV to military, police rank-and-file: Stand for patriotism and genuine service to the people, reject Duterte’s treachery and corruption

The National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas today said that ordinary officials and troops of the military and police should be wary of the recent string of “military accidents” such as the crash of a C-130 plane in Sulu and of two police trucks in Northern Samar, as these are the result of the Duterte regime’s systematic corruption in the procurement of military equipment, its shameless puppetry to US imperialism, and its desperation to defeat the revolutionary movement.

The NDF-EV said that even before the C-130 crash which is said to be the worst air accident of the Philippine military in decades, two trucks of the Philippine National Police-Special Action Force fell off a cliff during a nighttime operation in Las Navas, Northern Samar last June 23. The incident killed at least 12 individuals and injured 19 more, according to witnesses. On the same day, a Black Hawk helicopter crashed in Tarlac and killed six soldiers aboard.

“Billions of pesos of the people’s money have already been spent in procuring military equipment for the Armed Forces of the Philippines and the Philippine National Police, but ordinary troops are still made to use malfunctioning hand-me-down aircraft from the US,” the NDF-EV said. “As Duterte spoils his pet generals with billions’ worth of kickbacks from swindling from anomalous deals, he makes the rank-and-file ride ‘flying coffins’ and ride to their deaths.

“His US imperialist masters meanwhile are happy enough to rake in the profits while strengthening its military, political and economic foothold in the country. Ultimately, Duterte’s corruption, greed and treachery caused the death of his own troops.”

The NDF-EV also noted how the lives of ordinary troopers were sacrificed because their higher-ups including Duterte wanted the SAF elements to conduct clandestine operations against the New People’s Army in Northern Samar. “They attempted to secretly enter territories of the People’s Democratic Government in the dark of the night in but in vain. Worse, their officials refused to acknowledge their role in the incident and downplayed their casualties. Because of the arrogance and callousness of their top officials, ordinary police officers are made to be sacrificial lambs in the losing battle to defeat the revolutionary movement.”

The NDF-EV called on the rank-and-file soldiers and police officers to rethink their service to the AFP and PNP, as these mercenary and reactionary institutions can never give way to their sense of patriotism and service to the people. “Their fascist and corrupt commander-in-chief has little use for such feelings in establishing his fascist dictatorship. They are only made to commit the most heinous crimes against the people in the name of his all-out war of repression. They are dispensable as cannon fodder for their pointless counterrevolutionary war against the NPA.

“True loyalty to their countrymen means rejecting Duterte’s corruption and treachery, leaving the AFP and PNP, and joining the wave of Filipinos tired of his regime and are fighting to bring down his tyranny,” the NDF-EV ended.

NDF-EV to military, police rank-and-file: Stand for patriotism and genuine service to the people, reject Duterte’s treachery and corruption