Protest the regime’s continued negligence and abuse amid record-high Covid-19 cases

While the Filipino masses are in a state of absolute distress due to the ever-increasing cases of Covid-19, Duterte and his cohorts continue to deny the grave situation the people are currently in and are instead occupied with further beefing up the bank for the 2022 presidential elections and waging a bloody campaign of terror across the nation.

Another record-breaking number of Covid-19 cases were reported today with a one-day increase of 9,838. A total of more than 700,000 have been infected with the last 100,000 cases taking only the last 17 days.

Hospitals are in full capacity and countless people are being refused medical care. More than 13,000 have succumbed to the virus since last year yet the regime has failed to take any concrete action to prevent more losses of life. The country is now in a much worse disposition than half a year ago when Covid-19 cases supposedly reached its peak.

Still, the Duterte regime seems completely unbothered.

Rather than tackle the pandemic, Duterte is sending his right-hand gofers to discredit criticisms from and redirect the blame to the people; his allied politicians are getting vaccinated out of turn; police and military are again roaming the streets with unchecked authority courtesy of the lockdown recently placed on the National Capital Region (NCR) and neighboring provinces; and the regime is all-out in its efforts to crackdown on dissenters and mass organizations.

Despite the toiling masses’ clamor for cash aid distribution, Duterte nevertheless had the gall to prioritize incentives for large businesses and corporations as he signed the CREATE act today—a law that seeks to lower corporate income tax and generally make the country more attractive to foreign capitalists despite the ongoing crisis.

Following the TRAIN law that has made basic necessities a lot more unaffordable for the Filipino working class since 2017, CREATE law can only be expected to further widen the economic gap between the rich and the poor—something that, amid the pandemic, can only lead the people to worse poverty and hunger.

Evidently, Duterte is milking every possible means to accumulate economic gains for him and his allies, and the masses are paying the price.

At the same time, the regime is relentless in its war of suppression. After the massacre and illegal arrest of activists and organizers from Cavite, Laguna, Batangas, and Rizal, the regime is now training its cross hairs on the province of Occidental and Oriental Mindoro. Following fascist butcher PNP Chief Debold Sinas’ visit of PNP-MIMAROPA, state elements in the region have started surveillance of students and youth activists.

Ma. Patricia Andal, Spokesperson for NDF-Mindoro—in a letter addressed to Mindoreños—stated the importance of being united in vigilance against fascist elements who will attempt to commit crimes against the people of Mindoro.

Across the country, the masses fear for their life not only due to Covid-19, but more so because of Duterte’s fascist terror. His limitless corruption and insatiable thirst for power bodes of a grim future for the Filipino people. While the Duterte regime continues using the pandemic only as a pretext to advance its political and economic interests, the situation is only set to worsen.

The current political and economic climate is a clear call to action: frustrate Duterte’s fascist terror to alleviate the suffering of the Filipino people!

The regime must be made to pay for its negligence amid the pandemic and its brazen corruption and abuse that has made the crisis all the more intolerable and difficult for the masses. So long as Duterte, his generals, and his cronies remain in power, the people can only expect the same cycle of corruption and crackdown to repeat.

All patriotic and democratic youth must unite in the struggle to resist Duterte’s reign of terror. Flood the streets in protest and indignation! Topple the fascist regime!

March to the countryside and join the New People’s Army!
Strive for genuine quality healthcare for all Filipinos!
Make the fascist butchers pay for their crimes against the people!
Advance the national democratic revolution to victory!

Protest the regime’s continued negligence and abuse amid record-high Covid-19 cases