Rally against the inefficiency and utter neglect of Bikolano politicians of RTF-ELCAC atrocities

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Bicolano politicians did nothing to protect their kababayans against the complete damage brought by the RTF-ELCAC. Only a few words can describe their performance since being elected into office and since the inception of RTF-ELCAC: absolutely deplorable.

These politicians only collaborated with the RTF-ELCAC to further their own economic, military and political interests. They will hold on to anything that this ambitious, power-hungry and atrocious Duterte regime offers them, just to ensure that they remain in power. Like leeches, they are even proud to boast to this tyrant playing king in Malacañang that they have implemented the Whole of Nation Approach doctrine even if it means putting their constituents in danger. They led the way in yielding and presenting mass civilians as rebel surrenderees – masses whom they shook hands with and embraced during electoral campaigns. They supported the wastage of more than P19 billion for the NTF-ELCAC in exchange of corruption funds that they will use in the upcoming elections.

It is not only the pandemic but the RTF-ELCAC as well that submerge the Bikolanos deeper into their graves. The people continue to suffer from a hand-to-mouth existence due to the uncontrollable collapse of the economy and the incessant increase in the number of human rights violations that they face and is facing under this reprehensible task force.

Instead of defending the victims of the RTF-ELCAC’s atrocities, these two-faced politicians instead permitted the AFP and PNP to launch intensified military and police operations. They let SACLEO, RCSP and FMO creep into almost all the provinces in the region. In the RTF-ELCAC’s two years of existence, they allowed the number of human rights victims to balloon in Bikol. Since its creation on August 2019 and until August 2021, there has been no less than 79 victims of extrajudicial killings, six cases of massacre, seven individuals abducted and forcibly disappeared, 74 victims of illegal arrest and 22 victims of threats, harassment and intimidation.

Militarization in the region worsened with the return of the 49th IBPA and the conception of the 22nd IBPA. Both army and police often argue their worn out alibi that those killed were nanlaban. At the same time, those arrested were taken by virtue of warrants arbitrarily produced by court officials under the dictates of the reactionary state as well as illegal arms and bombs deliberately planted by state forces as evidence.

Now that the 2022 national elections is drawing near, these Bikolano politicians are definitely out to woo the people once more for their precious votes. The Bikolanos know fully well that they do not deserve to return or remain in their positions with their records of criminal culpability and adherence to state terrorism.

NDF-Bikol rallies the Bikolanos to be ever firm in their stand against the deceptive Bikolano politicians who surrendered their rights instead of defending them. They stand tall over the bootlickers of the evil Duterte regime whom they shall crush together with other bureaucrat capitalists. In the end, the people’s faith in the revolutionary movement will make them prevail over these criminal executioners until they cease to exist.

Rally against the inefficiency and utter neglect of Bikolano politicians of RTF-ELCAC atrocities