Reactionary government’s surrender campaign, riddled with lies and violence

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With the revelation of what the abducted organizers Jonila Castro and Jhed Tamano really endured from the hands of the fascist state, the public understanding of the ignominious triviality and deceptiveness of the surrender campaign and the NTF-ELCAC deepens. The surrender campaign is nothing but a profitable business for these fascists. Military abuses, dirty propaganda and bluster – these are where the fascists spend tens of billions of the people’s funds that should have been for meaningful socioeconomic projects. Just to inflate their daydreams of defeating the revolutionary movement, they waste tens of billions of the masses’ hard-earned money. These fascists’ utter desperation is laughable. Them who are nothing but paper tigers with no true strength nor has any chance of winning against the people’s decisiveness to fight for their democratic interests.

The masses understand that the surrender campaign is just a big, fat lie and a part of the enemy’s dirty propaganda to make it seem that its counterrevolutionary war is progressing. They are also aware that the primary motivation for military officials to aggressively hunt and target civilians and those who are in no position to defend themselves is the loot that they can pocket.

In Bikol, more than 3,000 individuals have allegedly ‘surrendered’ according to the 9th IDPA, PNP Region V and Joint Task Force Bicolandia. But what really compose this figure are the communities and civilians threatened, coerced to sign blank papers, repeatedly confronted and intimidated, forced to attend ‘peace rallies’, cowed and hunted down. If any, the real number of those who were deceived and voluntarily surrendered to the military and police in the region is very little. Most of them were also arrested or even killed by military and police elements afterwards. In the end, the amount hustled from thousands of fake surrenderees go directly to the pockets of military and police officials and their cohorts.

This utterly brutal and costly scam of a campaign by this fascist state further isolates them from the vast ranks of the people. In times of dire crisis, they have the audacity to waste funds on hawking lies that eventually explode all over their own faces. It becomes clearer to the people that they can not rely on the onerous and fascist state and what path must they undertake if they desire genuine development, justice, liberty and peace – none other than the path of armed revolution.

NPA Bikol’s doors are always open for all victims of this repressive surrender campaign and other forms of state violence and for all the exploited and oppressed who have had enough of the rottenness of this current system and desire genuine change.

Reactionary government’s surrender campaign, riddled with lies and violence