Remarks on Sara Duterte’s “show no mercy”

Sara Duterte was an overacting acting president when she met with top security officials and gave orders to them to “show no mercy.”

Despite having shown no ability to swiftly address the long-standing and perennial problems in the Department of Education (lack of classrooms and teachers, failure to respond to the clamor of teachers over low wages) which she heads, she now has the gall (or kapalmuks) to act on her fantasies of becoming president.

Duterte’s “show no mercy” quip clearly shows she is a tyrant’s daughter. Indeed, even while in Davao City, she was a small-time tyrant with big ambitions. This early, she is ingratiating herself to the military and police in the hope of securing their loyalty and support, for a future electoral run, or a possible power grab.

Despite lacking her father’s theatrics, but with a similar amount of hubris, she is parroting her father’s “kill, kill, kill” order and promoting the same fascist impunity in the AFP and PNP. Over the years, this has resulted in the gross deterioration of human rights, the increasing role of the military in government and society, and the rapid loss of freedoms.

Drunk with its expanded powers, and using the overarching cover of “anti-terrorism” and counterinsurgency, the military and police have shown utter disregard of legal processes and have trampled not only on people’s democratic rights, but has asserted a domineering role even among the different agencies of government.

Indeed, the military and police has “show no mercy” over the past years which has resulted in widespread summary killings, torture and unlawful detentions.

Sara Duterte must be denounced for promoting fascist impunity in the AFP and PNP. Her ambitions must be frustrated.

Remarks on Sara Duterte's "show no mercy"