The infallible waterloo of the AFP

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The people’s revolutionary movement in Ilocos expresses our heartfelt condolences to the aggrieved families, comrades and friends of Ka Corel and Ka Simon, two Red Fighters slain by the fascist 69th IB Philippine Army and local units of the PNP at Gueday, Besao Mt. Province, yesterday. While we deeply grieve to their demise, we give our highest salutation to their martyrdom, as they have offered their lives to the cause of fighting for the emancipation of the Filipino masses from the bondage of feudalism, bureaucrat capitalism and imperialism. They died fighting, did not surrender their cause and did not renege their loyalty to the people. Their martyrdom is the essence of honestly serving the people, rather than tracking the opportunist course the AFP wants them to lead in saying that their mishap should have not happened if they surrendered to the fascist enemy instead of fighting.

The AFP is again shedding crocodile tears in condoling the aggrieved for the death of the two comrades, while denouncing the alleged “continuing abuse and extortion perpetrated by the NPA.” Only the civilian people could tell the truth: the NPA DOES NOT AT ALL ABUSE AND EXTORT, the AFP DOES. NPA Red fighters are the very same people who had taken up arms to wage a just armed revolution as the ultimate means in achieving genuine agrarian reform, national industrialization and sovereignty from imperialism that would eventually liberate us from poverty and destitution.

We, the vast majority of impoverished masses, whom the AFP refer to as being abused and extorted by the NPA, are the very same people who sent them to the war front for them to defend us from the exploitation of the landlords, merchant-usurers, bourgeoies compradors, and big mining and energy companies. We are the same people who built the NPA as our army that would render justice to the brutality and wanton abuses the fascist military and police inflict on us. And we are the same people who are giving the NPA our voluntary support, and thus, they do not need to abuse and extort us.

The propaganda hype of Brigadier General Krishnamurti Mortela, commander of the 702nd Infantry Brigade in denouncing the extortion and abuse of the NPA is void of basis, logic and truth. It bounces back his face, when the glaring truth is that, it is the AFP that abuses and extorts the people. The AFP and its master the US-Duterte regime rake in billions of funds from the people’s taxes and only spends these on sowing terror and chaos on communities through incessant combat operations, employing unnecessary and expensive armaments, bombs, drones, as well as deceptive and corruption-ridden community service and development programs and surrender campaigns by the ELCAC and ECLIP. These exorbitant spending of the AFP drains the state funds squeezed out from the people’s sweat . The AFP is too pampered by their commander-in-chief Duterte by continuously increasing their compensation, allowances, combat pay, and other benefits, while the health frontliners are grappling with death battling with this pandemic, the peasants and workers wallowing with the crisis, are blatantly denied of just compensation and aid.

While any single life lost from our Red Army is a million losses to us, and any single death from our rank is as great as the mountains of Cordillera, we are not cowed by the psywar publicity of Gen. Mortela that “the death of the two KLG-AMPIS fighters is a big blow to the terrorist organization”. General Mortela, a consistent valedictorian from his elementary school all through his way to the PMA, is outwitted by the the fact that the vast majority of the Filipinos, the exploited peasants, workers and other oppressed people are the undwindling well of the Red Army, and the people’s war will go on surging wave upon wave, surmounting tactical defeats such as the death of Ka Corel and Ka Simon, until the strategic victory of the national democratic revolution and the socialist revolution is achieved.

As such, General Mortela misses the objective, substantial and truthful logic that the NPA truly serves the people, and the AFP truly oppresses the people. The NPA is cherished by the people, while the AFP is despised by the people. That logic leads to the inevitable, infallible, and strategic waterloo of the AFP.



The infallible waterloo of the AFP