The reactionary path is the road of failure and self-destruction

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Different destabilization plots, internal rivalries and rampant demoralization among elements as well as other internal issues infest the AFP-PNP and flood the public arena right now. However, this resurgence of AFP-PNP’s internal decay and its fundamental tendency to collapse from within is not surprising. The mercenary armed forces is only a reflection of the ruling system and its own descent down the quagmire of ever-intensifying crises.

Because cracks among the ranks of ruling political factions widen, their armed minions loyalties are also rapidly tearing apart. Several AFP-PNP officials still side with the opposition. Even those who are loyal to the Marcos-Duterte clique is divided between the Marcos dynasty and the Duterte dynasty.

No matter how many times AFP-PNP’s spokespersons and psywar experts attempt to douse the fire of disgust and demoralization within the AFP-PNP, they cannot prevent the escalation of rivalries and internal divisions. Its basic character of being mercenaries, puppets, reactionaries and puppets and its absolute isolation from the people create the objective conditions from which their internal demoralization, factionalization and strife are borne out of.

Because the AFP-PNP institutions only serve the interests of their masters and the only thing that binds their ranks is their thirst for financial gains and profit, they are rapidly losing their nationalist and progressive guise even in the eyes of their own elements. In its insistence in advocating foreign military intervention and betrayal of national interest and sovereignty, low-ranking officials and ordinary military elements’ patriotism is inevitably awakened in which discontent and demoralization among their ranks riles from.

This internal decay of the AFP-PNP themselves prevent them from defeating the armed revolutionary movement. This is also the reason why, although the enemy’s military campaigns cause some tactical problems for the revolutionary and progressive forces at first glance, it costs the AFP-PNP and their reactionary government an even greater price both in the military and political arena in the long run.

What the AFP-PNP must remember from the rapid unmasking of their charade and the exposition of their internal rottenness despite all their efforts is that the path of serving the puppet, reactionary and crumbling ruling system will always be the path of failure and self-destruction. And that the path of genuinely serving the people, no matter how complex or long, is the road to complete victory.

The reactionary path is the road of failure and self-destruction