The ruthless MO 32 only drives the Bikolano masses more towards armed struggle

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Because of policies such as MO 32, the state of human rights in Bikol worsens. Since its implementation on November 2018, one Bikolano has been killed by elements of the AFP-PNP every week. But the fascists err in thinking that this will bring them closer to victory. They conjured the said policy purportedly to drain revolutionaries of water to wade through. But instead, they have only pushed the birth of an even larger number of revolutionaries thriving in even deeper waters.

State violence and terrorism hasten the complete elimination of people’s rights and liberties within the present system. The masses witness how their communities were bombed mercilessly, how their loved ones are slaughtered like animals, how their families are forced to dislocate. It is precisely because of these that they grow to realize the utter difference between the reactionary state’s killing policy and the revolutionary movement’s just battle against it. As state attacks against the people heighten, its rottenness becomes more pervasive and the majority are impelled further to search for a defense they can trust their lives with. And they found their mightiest weapon in the revolution.

MO 32 also led the revolutionaries to be even more valiant and courageous – not demoralized. The revolutionaries’ commitment to the justness of their struggle for the majority’s interests intensifies. In being daily witnesses to the damages wrought by MO 32 upon their fellow downtrodden, the will to revolt in every Red fighter and commander in Bikol grows stronger. They, who are the most loyal servants of public interest, are driven to be creative and assiduous in fulfilling their revolutionary tasks. It became more important for revolutionaries to increase their knowledge of the science of guerilla warfare, to improve their skills in organizing and mobilizing and in strengthening their ideological consciousness.

Duterte’s reign, the tyrant who bred MO 32, has ended. But the strength and endurance of the revolutionary movement in Bikol and the whole country withstood all adversities. The fact that the people’s democratic revolution is impossible to end becomes more undeniable. The revolution will endlessly beat in the hearts of every one as long as there is oppression and exploitation in the land.

The ruthless MO 32 only drives the Bikolano masses more towards armed struggle