The state of human rights in Bikol is in its worst under Duterte’s tyranny

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NDF-Bikol is one with the Bikolano people in condemning yet another case of killing perpetrated by the mercenary AFP-PNP force in accordance to chief fascist Duterte’s kill,kill,kill order. This October 1, 2021, at eight in the evening, civilian July Barotillo was killed by gunshots fired by armed men inside his own residence in Sityo Sua, Lamon, Goa.

Barotillo was a former organizer of the progressive organization Bagong Alyansang Makabayan (BAYAN) and was currently holding the position of Barangay Secretary in the said barangay. Barotillo is the 48th victim of extrajudicial killings in Bikol this year.

Since Duterte became president, three Bikolanos are killed every month. From July 2016 to October 1, 2021, 204 Bikolanos have been slain by the state’s murderous agents. Most of them were poor and from the peasant sector. This number is the highest tally of recorded cases of extrajudicial killings in all of Bikol’s history. It even exceeded the victims killed during Arroyo’s nine-year fascist reign.

Brazen murderers such as Duterte must not be allowed to remain in power. Because of his unquenchable thirst for power and riches, he let fascist terrorism against the people devour the whole country. Five years of oppression, destitution and starvation that the Bikolano masses and the Filipino people experience in the tyrant’s hands are more than enough. Each and every one of the exploited and oppressed must wholeheartedly persevere in struggle to overthrow and end Duterte’s rule.

Duterte is just one from a long list of puppet presidents who espouse fascism in the name of their ruling class masters. Not one of the past regimes had respected nor recognized the people’s rights and civil liberties. Not one had been sincere in achieving genuine peace and justice for the people. Duterte and the rest of them know nothing else but to drown the masses into even deeper poverty and hunger. Them who lord over the country can never be expected to just readily grant the people’s democratic interests. The only and fiercest weapon the people have against exploitation and oppression is the advancement and triumph of the people’s democratic revolution through their very own just armed struggle.

The state of human rights in Bikol is in its worst under Duterte’s tyranny