A message from KM-TK for International Human Rights Day 2020

All dictators are fascists, all fascists are dictators. From Marcos to Duterte, US to China—all who disrespect human rights will bleed from a thousand cuts.

Revolutionary greetings from Kabataang Makabayan Southern Tagalog! As we celebrate the International Human Rights Day, we call for peace and justice for all our slain comrades, martyrs, and all victims of the fascist Duterte Regime.

We denounce in the strongest terms the continuing state-sponsored fascism, threats on press freedom, repression of academic freedom, and attacks on the youth. Time and again, the imperialist puppet regime of Duterte has proven that their loyalty lies with the very monsters that exploit our lands, waters, and people. Since he was seated in 2016, the Duterte Admin has over 27,000 victims in his phony drug war and over 250 human rights defenders and activists killed. He and his cronies call these “collateral damage” — a glaring manifestation of their non-existent regard for human rights.

In Southern Tagalog alone, human rights organizations have documented various cases of HRVs, even throughout the strict implementation of quarantine protocols. Displaced workers in local Unions are forced to “surrender” to the GRP, accusing them as terrorists to exhort money. Farmers in “Bungkalan” are intimidated out of the lands they till by goons of greedy landlords at a time where strict quarantine protocols are observed.

The youth has never been lucky either. Kian Delos Santos was shot in the streets, begging that police to spare his life to take his exams. Carlo Alberto was killed in the countryside while teaching the marginalized basic literacy. Jivelyn Cullamat’s body was desacrated after a crossfire with the military while providing medical services for indigenous peoples. They are among the countless young victims of Human Rights violations by this fascist state.

We should hold all perpetrators and enablers of human rights violations accountable. No where is safe, when the youth is tortured and killed from the cities to the countryside. Leaving us with no other choice but to take up arms and fight. If the Filipino youth are killed in the streets and in the mountains, then we have no choice but to fight back in the streets and the countryside.
What better way to commemorate International Human Rights Day than in solidarity with the Filipino masses in revolutionary justice. Together, we must revolt against the terrorists in office and their foreign masters. We must OUST Duterte and his cronies to liberate the masses from the burden of infringed human rights.

We call on the youth to serve the people, serve the revolution! Join the armed struggle to fight for genuine human rights!


A message from KM-TK for International Human Rights Day 2020