Continue Jemar and Marlon’s fight! Take arms and join the revolution!

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Romulo Jallores Command – BHB Bikol and the whole revolutionary movement accords the greatest praise for Jemar Palero and Marlon Naperi, genuine artists of the people. They were killed by elements of the police while in the middle of painting out the resounding sentiment of the people – DUTERTE IBAGSAK. The two weren’t able to finish their work. Meanwhile, the murderers’ and their lords’ ears clapped in happily assuming that their bullets ended the message of the artwork. They were wrong.

What they first thought to be a simple and incomplete protest art was championed and embraced by the people. It evolved into a symbol of the masses’ understanding that the power of art and other forms of legal struggle will indeed be found wanting in the face of the state’s outright violence. It became the artists of the people’s, the youth’s and the masses’ vow to continue and finish what Jemar and Marlon started – within and outside the bounds of arts and culture.

Beyond its original message, the people gave life and appreciated the essence of the unfinished protest art as a challenge to continue the struggle and take arms. For them, just as what the missing letters suggest – AK, the people’s fight will only be completed in joining the armed revolution. It became clearer that only through taking arms will the reign of tyrants like Duterte finally come to an absolute end. The people’s just war shall end the oppressive war of the ruling classes. Only in the path of armed struggle and the victory of the people’s democratic revolution can a society that is truly free and for the common interest be realized.

A messenger’s life may be killed, but never the message’s soul. This is the truth that the butchers and mercenaries of the reactionary government fail to understand. In Bikol and the whole country, countless civilians like Jemar and Marlon have fallen victims to state violence. However, despite this downright fascism and terrorism, the people’s fervor to fight only blazes the brighter. With every one they fell, scores more rise up and continue.

Now that Duterte feels in his bones the imminent downfall of his tyranny, he will surely ensteel his war against the masses. However, it is also certain that the people shall further their efforts to advance the people’s war. They are prepared for this ardent battle. Nothing can measure up to their desire to claim substantial victories that will further weaken and shall eventually tear Duterte’s kingdom down.

RJC-BHB Bikol calls on all who aspire to continue the struggle of Jemar, Marlon and thousand others who sacrificed their lives for the common good to join the Red Army. In the arms of the masses, complete and create the greatest work of art – the victory of the revolution and the creation of Filipino society’s history.

Continue Jemar and Marlon’s fight! Take arms and join the revolution!