Nanlaban against US-Duterte regime’s tyranny those thousands who have been extrajudicially killed

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The AFP-PNP and US-Duterte regime have failed and cannot anymore escape their accountability in killing civilians Jemar Palero and Marlon Naperi. They can own all the propaganda resources, sully the news with their debasement, crook-twist-swell the narrative—they cannot deceive and blind the people, most especially the families and krelatives of the victims. They were hoping to temper down the public outcry for justice by forcing the rotten narrative of nanlaban – just like what they did for the more than 27,000 victims of their killings.

It was clear that Jemar and Marlon were salvaged and extrajudicially killed. Both victims were alive when they were taken by the police in front of the Phil. Coconut Authority’s office in Guinobatan, some time between 10:30 to 11:00 that night. There was no exchange of shots in that incident. This was verified by Jemar’s autopsy report that the two victims were treacherously shot. Equally dubious is the fact that the police avoided the question as to why the victims were rushed to the hospital at 1am even though the incident transpired at 11pm.

In PNP RO V and the Joint Task Force Bicolandia’s sheer desperation, units of the police involved even fired upon their own police car just to insinuate that the victims did nanlaban and were members of the NPA. What their gunpowder-filled brains fail to see is that their lie only fueled the questions and irregularities in the public eye.

But the masses are certain and will ensure that truth, reason and justice will prevail. Their alibi will not be accepted by the public in the face of tangible proof from relatives, acquaintances and workmates attesting that Jemar and Marlon were indeed civilians. The only thing they proved with their argument is their brutality and deliberate violation and disrespect of international humanitarian laws.

The term ‘nanlaban’ has been associated with impunity, deception and the regime’s dirty war against the people. Meanwhile, for the people, to fight has been a part of their identity and reality. They have been fighting this oppresive system in any way they can – just like how Jemar and Marlon used their paint canisters to fill the walls with calls that their starving stomachs, tired bodies and thousand years of bondage cry for. Just like how the masses attend protests, join progressive organizations, voice their demands through various avenues and fight for their democratic interests. Yes, Jemar and Marlon did fight as did the thousand other victims of state violence. With the greatest valor, they fought and still fights the tyranny of the US-Duterte regime that wasted away millions of Filipino’s lives and future. Together with the revolutionary movement, the people will advance and continue to fight until they attain genuine peace, justice and development.#

Nanlaban against US-Duterte regime’s tyranny those thousands who have been extrajudicially killed