NDF-EV: End Duterte's martial law

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On the occasion of the 49th anniversary of the declaration of martial law in the country, the National Democratic Front-Eastern Visayas (NDF-EV) calls on the Filipino people to overcome state terror and topple the worst dictator yet in Philippine history in the person of Rodrigo Duterte.

“Without officially declaring martial law, the Duterte regime succeeded to list off-the-charts terrorist attacks and fascist record surpassing Marcos and other presidents combined,” the NDF-EV said.

The Duterte regime shamelessly pours a huge chunk of public funds for his fascist overkill against the people’s resistance movement, spoils his favorite military cohorts with wasteful counterrevolutionary war spending, and pockets funds for his electoral ambitions at the expense of the people’s welfare in the time of global health and economic crisis.

Thus far, Duterte laid the worst climate of impunity through the Anti Terror Law, Executive Order 70, Memorandum Order 32, red-baiting of progressive individuals and groups, terror-tagging of revolutionary forces, among other fascist undertakings.

In Eastern Visayas alone, Duterte’s mercenary troops rain villages with bombs, pepper them with bullets, and turn them into garrisons through the Retooled Community Support Program (RCSP).
Duterte’s brand of martial law do not only supersede civilian authority with military might but also threaten and kill barangay officials while luring barrio folks into surrendering through force and deception. Duterte’s label disaster survivors, progressive organizations and party-lists as “communist fronts” and “terrorists” to justify the red-tagging and crackdown against them. They spread lies against civil society and humanitarian non-government organizations for exposing state neglect and terrorism in the communities.

NDF-EV noted: “We must learn and draw inspiration from our history. Marcos’ dictatorial rule was borne out of the same semicolonial semifeudal crisis that persists today. If anything, the dark days of martial law have taught us that dictators can be defeated. The historical consequence of iron-hand tyrannical rule is the people’s mounting wrath against the establishment.”

“We salute all Filipinos who fought, were persecuted, and martyred in the hands of the Marcos dictatorship. History obliges all democratic forces to consolidate their ranks and persistently fight today’s brand of martial law. The people must overcome the climate of fear imposed upon them and engage in all forms of struggle to resolutely end Duterte’s reign of terror,” NDF-EV ended. #

NDF-EV: End Duterte's martial law