NDF-Negros message to Negrosanons

The National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) is the most consolidated alliance of underground organizations of basic revolutionary forces advancing democratic revolution through protracted people’s war. This is a united front for the unity, cooperation and coordination of allied organizations and other democratic and progressive sectors of society to oppose and overthrow a dictator, fascist, corrupt, butcher and tyrant US-Duterte regime.

In Negros, the NDF recognizes comrade Frank Fernandez for his golden contributions for more than four decades and his continuing service to the revolutionary movement and the toiling masses in Negros island. As the spokesperson of NDF-Negros, he gave a clear stance and elucidated the correctness of revolutionary principles to repudiate revisionist traitors during the deviation from the correct line in late 1980s. He was in the forefront together with cadres, red fighters and the masses in the education movement and stood for the Second Great Rectification Movement. Comrade Frank Fernandez also greatly contributed in his prompt response and sharp analyses of burning issues and the issuance of statements consisting of the standpoint and policies of the revolutionary movement which served as guide for the entire revolutionary forces and struggling masses.

Comrade Frank Fernandez, the people in Negros salute your courage and firm standpoint. Do not fret for we will continue what you have started. The revolutionary movement in Negros is on the right track and is a strong force that cannot be subdued by any bloody ”counter-insurgency” oplan/campaign of the AFP/PNP. The capture of comrade Frank Fernandez with his wife comrade Cleofe Lagtapon cannot weaken the revolutionary movement in Negros, rather it further strengthens our determination to frustrate the butcher regime of Duterte.

To the people of Negros, revolutionary forces, red fighters, sympathizers and supporters of the revolutionary movement, your servant, Bayani Obrero, will continue the work of Ka Frank Fernandez as the new spokesperson of NDF-Negros in representing the voice of the toiling masses on issues and the stand of the whole revolutionary movement in Negros regarding economic and political matters that directly affect the people.

The dictator and fascist reign of the Duterte regime is more brutal compared to the past Marcos dictatorship. Duterte’s hands are bloody in his “all-out war” declaration against the revolutionaries which actually turned out as a crackdown against legal and progressive forces. Negros Island became Duterte’s laboratory for his “counter-insurgency” campaign where widespread human rights violations, extrajudicial killings, illegal arrests of innocent civilians, trumped-up charges, planting of fake evidences, forcing people to surrender as rebels, spreading of fake news and accusing victims of “fighting back” to cover up the crimes of the butchers AFP/PNP are implemented.

The Negrosanons are already aware that BGen. Benedict Arevalo of the 303rd Brigade and Col. Noel Baluyan of the 302nd Brigade are big liars and serial killers. They are staunch followers of Duterte’s orders to capture and behead the mastermind of the killings of four intelligence officers of the police. This only shows the barbaric character of the Duterte regime.

Terrorism spread by the state has not gained any victory instead, it earned the wrath of the people because of injustices. They present fake surrenderees as members of the New People’s Army (NPA), used the LGUs to declare the NPA as persona non-grata and launched a delusive localized peace talks. Under the “counter-insurgency” campaign of the Duterte regime that employs the “whole-of-nation” approach, it will make use of all government agencies to transform these to a coercive machinery of the state against the struggling masses.

The NDF-Negros strongly condemns the military’s sabotage of the Escalante Massacre commemoration. The AFP’s implementation of a hoax “peace summit”, fabrication of an encounter in Old Poblacion, Escalante City and filing of trumped-up charges against members of progressive groups all come from the mastermind of lies, Gen. Benedict Arevalo.

The coercive state and its butcher machinery, the AFP/PNP, will not succeed in continually exploiting the Negrosanons, on the contrary, they will further push the people to firmly fight for the realization of genuine social justice.

The NDF-Negros calls on progressive organizations, church people, professionals, youth and students and all Negrosanons to unite and bind our strength to defeat and overthrow the dictator and fascist regime. We need to wage an extensive fight from the countryside to the urban centers to show the Duterte regime the decisive strength of the toiling masses. While the tyrannical reign of Duterte continues, armed revolution will persist in gaining strength and will advance.

Negrosanon, unite and fight!!!
Advance the revolution!!!


NDF-Negros message to Negrosanons