Reject Duterte’s No vaccine, No right policy! Defend and fight for people’s rights!

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NDF-Bikol calls on all Bikolanos to denounce and oppose the US-Duterte regime’s brazen denial of their rights in the name of the pandemic. While the masses struggle against the severe contagion of the Covid-19 Omicron variant, they are also locked in battle against the ala-Martial law repression and suppression of their rights caused by fascist policies such as No Vaccine, No Pay; No Vaccine, No Ride; No Vaccine, No Labas and other wretched policies pitting people’s rights against the medical solution.

In the Bikol region, the nefarious faces of these restrictions are beginning to take form. In Albay, the no vaccine, no ride policy is already set to be implemented while, in other towns, the no vaccine, no work policy is already in effect. The region is cordoned off by not less than 120 checkpoints dotting the major highways and thoroughfares to monitor and prevent entries at provincial boundaries. Individuals are obligated to carry their vaccination cards wherever they go. Aside from these, DILG gave the orders to collect the names of unvaccinated individuals in their barangays. Individuals who are caught violating the government’s rigorous policies are also arrested and imprisoned or are made to pay fines.

Whatever way Duterte attempts to justify this latest directive, these suppressive policies do not answer the lack of free mass testing, insufficient number of contact tracers, medicine and vaccine shots that should be enough to cover 110 million Filipinos and lack of comprehensive information drives that would have deepened the people’s understanding of vaccines and the Covid-19 situation. These repressive policies can never make up for the inexistence of a stable and adequate healthcare system in the country caused by decades of privatization and commercialization of services. These are the true reasons behind the ineptitude in combating Covid-19.

The public knows fully well that killing is Duterte’s most favored policy. This is behind all his directives such as MO 32, EO 70-NTF-ELCAC and Anti-Terror Law. Duterte weaponizes the law and wields them against all who oppose his government. He constantly spews death threats against individuals who dare not obey his rule. Alas, he is not contented with the masses being lambasted by oppression and poverty. What he wants is to bury them alive by remaining in power and using it against them until the end of his term. The Bikolanos and the Filipino people must brace themselves against the escalation of attacks from the US-Duterte regime.

NDF-Bikol maintains that the people must not be cowed by the butcher regime’s fascism. They must tirelessly defend themselves and prevent all attempts of the AFP-PNP-CAFGU’s combined force to harass, arrest, charge with trumped-up charges and above all, kill their ranks to completely silence them. It is just for Bikolanos to strengthen their unities and struggle. Onwards with the fight to defend and upholds the people’s rights and interests. The reactionary and bungling regime has no capacity to bar the revolutionary movement from further consolidation and advancement. When the time comes that they have to face the fury and rage of the people, they shall surely be worse than cowering dogs who will scurry away in a bid to save themselves.

Defend and fight for the people’s rights!
Oust Duterte and make him pay for his crimes!

Reject Duterte’s No vaccine, No right policy! Defend and fight for people’s rights!